Another Endoscopy Question

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    I know there's another thread on the board about endoscopy, and I've looked at the messages, but I have a special concern that wasn't raised. My jaw is currently misaligned, apparently the result of some changes in my jaw joints (the ends of the condyles have flattened out). This happened following a tooth extraction I had in January, and my dentist thinks that was because the trauma might have kicked up some infectious agent that migrated to the jaw. I've had TMJ problems for a long time, but after the tooth extraction, my jaw really locked up, and I needed physical therapy to get it to open wide enough for the dentist to work on a bridge to replace the extracted tooth. (That hasn't been done, because that's when they discovered that my jaw was misaligned. They couldn't get an impression for the bridge because I couldn't bring my teeth together properly!)

    I've had a chronic sore throat for months, maybe years. I've just chalked it up to GERD, and it forced me to stop singing. (Not that I was ever a great singer. I just enjoyed it, and since I'm an amateur composer/songwriter, I wanted to be able to record my own songs.) More recently, it's making talking painful or difficult, due to hoarseness and periodic bouts of laryngitis.

    All of which brings me to the endoscopy. I'm scheduled for Sept. 29. My biggest concern initially was this would make it even harder for me to talk. I'm in charge of planning the Health Care Track for a major disability rights conference in Los Angeles on Oct. 3-4, and I'm supposed to give several presentations there. So I was worried about whether having the endoscopy this close to the conference would make an already problematic situation even worse.

    But after reading descriptions of the process, I wonder now whether it's also likely to aggravate my jaw problems.

    To those of you who have had this procedure, have you had any jaw alignment or bite problems afterward?

    I'd really appreciate your input. Thanks.

    --Laura R.M.
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    I have had an edoscopy and believe me I was petrified. However, as it turns out, I would have another one in a minute. I can't see that an endoscopy could misalign your jaw or do any damage externally. The danger (which is minor) rests in the fact that the physician could accidentaly damage an organ internally. I really cannot imagine that there would be external damage(your jaw). However, there is always a risk.