Another fibromyalgic kills herself

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pearls, May 17, 2003.

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    There was a story in my newspaper about a woman in Madera, California who killed herself by burning herself to death because of, "fibromyalgia, a muscle disease that causes chronic pain." She had a number of problems, though. She was only about 36 and depressed about the recent death of her father. The woman was not taking her pain meds properly, which caused many arguments with her husband. She also was in the habit of taking the car or the keys to the car, which would leave her husband stranded without a way to get to work. (He worked at a casino in the mountains, and it is true that he could only get there by car). The story said he was running out of sick leave and the ability to use that excuse for not going to work. Two members of the police department witnessed the incident after they were called to a domestic dispute, and were burned themselves trying to save her. She had doused herself with something flammable and touched a lit cigarette lighter to her clothing.

    This makes me so sad.


  2. Mikie

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    This was posted earlier and most of us are of the opinion that sensational stories like this should not be used to forward our cause. It is obvious that this woman was not taking her medication and probably had serious problems far beyond FMS or CFIDS.

    Stories like this in the media just reinforce people's perception of us as a bunch of kooks who are just depressed.

    Love, Mikie
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    ....but I agree with Mikie & others, sounds like this particular woman had a lot more turmoil in her life than just FM.

    And I agree that these stories just promote one view of FM & not the perception we'd like folks to have of us...

    Plus, I imagine the actual percentage of folks with FM/CFS who commit suicide is probably not significantly greater than the percentage of folks with a host of other underlying issues who commit suicide.

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    I agree Jody. This is a real problem with fmer`s. We are so afraid to address suicide. Yet, it is very high with us. I know working at pain clinic it came up about 80% of the time. To many want to turn their heads. Another reason to address medication prob. Getting enough not enough,mixture of wrong herbs etc. Plus the lack of support which is 1 of the hardest parts. I don`t care who you listen to on t.v. etc. without good support those who are ill,or went through tragedies say they only made it do to the support of family and friends. Most chronically ill people do not recieve,instead we ger degrated. Many people who commit suicide is right after a doc`s appt. Kovorkian did have numerous fm. People at group over half admitted they kept his no. close by. Why because they care Crazy! Usually crazy people like themselves too much, sociopaths etc. We wish A Charles Manson type would have taken his life before what he did to soo many other lives. Dr,s hardly ever ask, How Are You dealing with all your loses??? Myself Can not count all the desperate late night calls I have gotton, from people in their lonliness of the chronic pain and wanting to end it. Strength and love to all to get some Peace in your lives???
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    It's a matter of savvy public relations. My degree is in marketing and I have a lot of public relations experience.

    We can discuss suicide all we want to here, but I am asking that we not use this story in our efforts to draw attention to our cause. This is not how we want to be perceived. As much as some believe it might be helpful for the public to see our desperation, it would be counterproductive in the long run. Trust me on this. This kind of negativity is not in our best interest in terms of public relations.

    Love, Mikie
  6. pam_d

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    ...bad PR for us as a group, unfortunately!

    BTW, my point was that FMers may have similar suicide rates to those with other underlying issues (like cancer, severe depression, mental illness, etc). I never said the "general population".....

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    I have CFS and panic disorder and i have felt very suicidal myself but luckily i keep living that extra day so i get by. I know how horrible CFS alone can be never mind FM as well.

    Keep surviving

  8. Annette2

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    I have enough trouble dealing with depression and anxiety, I don't want to hear about these horrible stories. It does me absolutely no good! I'm sorry for this woman and her family, but I'm sure she had other major problems besides FMS. I'm not burying my head in the sand - I just don't see what purpose this serves. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings - I just think it's counterproductive to our goals here on this Board.