Another good CFS MD in NYC who takes in insurance

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hubcap_halo, May 30, 2008.

  1. hubcap_halo

    hubcap_halo New Member

    Hey Folks,

    I recently saw a new doc, Dr. David Borenstein here in Brooklyn and I'm so happy. I've found an integrative MD who, among other approaches, practices the Teitelbaum Protocol that's helped me in the past.

    He takes insurance and has lots of enthusiasm.
    My kind of doc.

    Ok. Be well.
  2. gettingwell

    gettingwell New Member

    Thanks so much for posting this - where in Brooklyn is he located? Does he believe in antivirals? What is his background (infectious disease, etc)?
  3. hubcap_halo

    hubcap_halo New Member

    Hi Getting Well,

    He is a straight up MD. And in my 12 years of experience of having ME/CFS the most help I ever got was from another straight MD--Dr. Karen Vrchota in Minnesota.

    Dr. Borenstein is in Midwood in Brooklyn. It's a trip for me, but I like going there. Lot's of houses and nice trees in the neighborhood. I don't know how much I can post here, but here is his contact into:

    Dr. Borenstein MD, PC
    866 East 29th Street

    Brooklyn, NY 11210

    Tel: (718) 758-1650

    Fax: (718) 758-1654

    I just saw him again, got a myer's cocktail and felt 100% for the afternoon.


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