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    i wonder if any of the doctors ever read this before, before they were given their license.
  3. doxygirl

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    I doubt it!

    But I do think that all of us here could benefit from educating ourselves on just what our rights are....

    part of the problem for most of us (myself included ) is when a Dr talks I tend to trust what he or she is the truth and that they know what is best for us....

    now the truth is that MOST ( not all but most) Dr's do not know even what our rights are...and that is because they are usually only thinking of themselves! and thier butts getting in trouble...

    if Dr's really cared more about their patients they would take the time to educate themselves so they can better look out for our best interests and take better care of us!

    What kind of Dr is one that allows his or her patients to suffer from pain every day of their life?

    It is unethical to deny, or pass us by just because we are in pain!

    Nancy I hope this information helped you and I hope it helps so many more!


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