another health problem-RANT!!!

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    why is it always something new????? i have to see so friggin many doctors already- i hate it!!!! I am only 40, yet it seems life revolves around all my medical issues. doctor visits, specialists, bloodtests, mammograms, pap smears, other gyno tests and problems, psychiatrists, medications for this that and the other, chiropractors, xrays, gastroenterologist, colonoscopy, allergist dr, dentist, etc etc etc and so on blah blah blah. call in the meds, pick up the meds, and repeat.

    CFS, IBS, depression, insomnia, asthma, allergies, gyno probs/fibroid, heel spurs, eating disorder, obesity, high cholesterol, a hand injury, and I am not listing about 10 other things, and now--- drum roll please----

    i think i have skin cancer on my nose!!!!!! whoo hooo!!! i get to call a NEW dr- the dermatologist and maybe i have to have surgery on my face!!! boy oh boy- sounds like fun!!!

    and i keep thinking the hand injury will get better and go away - but its not. i dont even know what dr youre supposed to see for that. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAH!!!

    PLEASE to anyone who reads this- dont critisize me- this IS a rant- i am venting. i am also coming off of a 2 week bout of severe, SEVERE, S E V E R E depression. the kind where you may need to go to the hospital- if you get my drift. but it has lifted, thank god. it always does, eventually.

    i am just so pissed off about having so many health problems at only 40- and i ve had most of these same problems since teens or twenties. (please just let me vent, ok?)

    whew, i feel a lil better now after getting that off my chest.

    now i'll go get some sleep.

    well, for you guys who get really frustrated and down about all these health problems- feel comforted that someone else feels your pain! cyber hug to ya-


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    I understand the rant and now hopefully you will feel better after doing so :)!! I do know what you ean, especially when you are so young. I have been trying and finally did (but not of my own chossisng) to star eliminating the specialists. I just got rid of my endo. since she was taking careof my osteoporosisis and thyroid issues.

    My newest endo. left as many are in our area for probably different reasons. I could have gone to anaother endo especially from the same clinic but I chosee to go to my PCP who is happy to take care of that stuff for me. Also, her office is very close to me. She is very good, understanding and pretty much lets me do what I want medication wise. She is also young and smart !! NowI only have my Rheumy who I went to see yesterday. She is also going to be cutting down her hours. So, I am thinking in the not to distant future I may be able to get rid of her too. She is not that close but she is good and knows her stuff and is very easy to talk to,

    I am almost 70 so I can imagine how you feel being so young and having all these problems. However, just smile, give it some time and hopefully you to can start getting rid of some or all of your specialists. I am trying to cut down on costs and travel.

    Sorry to hear about your recent depression and you hand injury. What did you do to your hand? I am just curious and maybe if I knew I could help you to figure out where to go , if needed for it? Oh, BTW if you went to your pcp he or she could help with it or tell you where you need to go, if they think necessary for any RX. Sorry if I seem nosey but I was an RN or was trained to be one do I know a little bet about medicinel Although nowadays it seems like we have more specialists than we kinow what to do with. Surely alot more than when I was in training.

    Glad you are gettingout of your deperession and I just wanted to say hang in there girl. You'll be OK and hopefully you to can get rid of some of these soecialist and then it won't seem so bad.

    I have enough medicines and conditions to choke a horse so I am trying do the best I can, try and lighten up on all my docs and using as many suypps. as I can to help. Just my hi b/p meds and supps is enoughtfor me, then there is my osteoporosis, FM, Chronic Myofascial Pain, and thyroid issues. I think that may be all. I surely hope so. Good grief !! Oh, I may go to my pcp who will take care of my ob/gyn issues. I surely am not plannong on having a baby !

    Enough of my rant for now :) !!
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    As the old song said, "Life gets teejus, don't it?!"

    I am hoping the new federal health plan will contain some sort of quota. After
    one has acquired 2 or 3 of these DDs, no more will be allotted.

    I've got about a dozen myself. Couple weeks ago I was in the emergency room
    due to diabetes. I didn't even know I HAD diabetes. Land O Goshen!

    Not much we can do but gird up our loins and soldier on. But I do agree. A
    good rant now and then is therapeutic.

    Smiling out loud

  4. sorekitty

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    I just got back from the dr. I have this horrible allergic rash all over my face caused by Lunesta. I have sooooo had it! I am 44 and am so sick of all the health issues. How can one even have a plan for graded exercise when it's just one crisis to the next. i get going with my mindful yoga and then I'm unable to do anything but the bare minimum to care for my family.

    The dr told me not to wear make-up until this clears up which will be in 10-15 days! I don't want to go anywhere or anyone to see me!

    I hope the skin cancer thing goes okay. Hugs!

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    thanks guys for taking the time to answer my post!!! thanks for letting me "rant"!!!!

    the hand injury is just plain ole overuse of the computer/mouse. thats all. and after a month of pain, it is getting better on its own.

    the skin problem is a bit better- probably because i have been picking at it. i have a derma appt soon. might cancel. hate to see drs, and now that it (the bump) is smaller, well maybe i can put it off a while longer.

    hey- here's a mini rant of the last few days-- (LOL)

    i went to a cfs support group meeting. no one else showed up. that was fun. as i left the parking lot i banged my car into an old mans car. he got really mad (understandable) and we were trying to fix the mark on his bumper, and i just started bawling. it was so embarassing. everything turned out ok, but i was really shaken up that i had done something so stupid.

    plus i am trying to rebound from a severe depression episode- and my shrink has upped my meds- i am not reacting well to it- cant sleep- fell like super crap. i dont think i can tolerate teh higher dose.

    as we all know a good dr or shrink is so hard to find. i really like my shrink. i just saw her and found out she is moving out of state in a week. bummer.

    today at the dog park my sweet adorable little dog got attacked by a mean agressive black pit bull mix. after a minute or two of fighting the pits owner got hold of his dog. thank god - my doggie is fine. it was pretty scary for my lil furbaby, and me of course. then i found out that this dog had attacked 3 other dogs before mine. it's like duuuuhhhh- if your dog is attacking other dogs-- leave the park, idiot. so that was fun.

    what else? a 3 ft snake is stuck in my fenced in patio. thats coool.

    eh, so all in all, things are going really well.


    take care everyone!!!



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    to remember ".....the glass is 1/2 full......"

    We can always ask for help to : crawl , pray , stumble , or walk to the faucet to add a little water......:>).....

    Blessings ,