Another IBS ?? I am in a flare

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Line, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. Line

    Line New Member

    I had a IBS yesterday, I think I have a permament ring around my butt from being on the toilet so much. Last night it calmed down, I took metamucil and during the night woke up with so much gas, burping and feeling like I had to go the bathroom.

    My questions is can IBS cause pain that radiates from the low ribs to the shoulder.I am getting that on and off but also feel like my left breast is tight.

    I also have gerd. I swear when you have FM you get everything.

    Thanks, Linda
  2. jabobil

    jabobil New Member

    I, also, have been having rib and shoulder pain and a feeling of tightness in my left breast. The shoulder pain now feels like bursitis. I am assuming that the sensation in the breast is coming from a trigger point in the shoulder or back. I hope it isn't coming from the breast.

    All the various aches and pains from this ailment can certainly do a job on you pschologically. I'm always afraid I'm going to ingnore something serious thinking the pain is from FM.

    I have had IBS for years, but mine manifests itself with constipation.

    I was diagnosed with FM in 1996 after a back injury, and was very sick for about a year. The FM had been fairly mild until I tore the meniscus in my knee in July of 2005. I have been going down hill ever since then.

    I rarely post, but I have learned a lot from reading messages on this board.

  3. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    You might want to see your doctor. Pain in the lower ribs radiating to shoulder can sometimes be indicative of gallbladder problems. These problems as well will make IBS act up or people who rarely have bowel problems to get some.

    Just a thought.
  4. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I just wanted to say to make sure you don't have a problem with your gallbladder. I was sick for over 3 years and thought I had GERD. I was on Nexium and had tons of digestive problems.

    Finally a doctor did a ultrasound of my gallbladder and it was full of stones. I had the gallbladder out in early November and am much better - no more GERD symptoms.

    The surgeon said many people think they have GERD and it is the gallbladder. It is a very simple test to check your gallbladder if you think you could have a problem.

    I did not know they used Metamucil for IBS. I believe you are supposed to start with a very low dose to avoid the bloating and gas reaction.

    For gas you can use Gas X - it works pretty well...
  5. Line

    Line New Member

    I had my gall bladder out years ago. I went to the DR. she explained when you have your gall out there is no place for the bile to store. Your liver produces the bile but it passes right out of you so your food does not digest as well as it did when you have your gall.

    She thinks I have a combo flare of the IBS, Fm and costo. Boy aren't we having fun. I am better today as far as the gas goes but stil have the soreness in the breast and ribs.

    HUgs, Linda

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