another insomnia hole

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  1. heapsreal

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    yes another period of trying to get sleep. I usually rotate between zopiclone, and a combo antihistamine/ lyrica, and 3 different types of antihistamines, not at once. Have some avanza and doxepine up my sleeve but they dont work for ever either.

    Im thinking of asking my doc about low dose seroquel, which he has mentioned before. I would look at taking it irregularly and start at 12.5mg with 12.5mg increments up to no greater then 50mg.

    There are some horror stories out there about this drug. I have tried every benzo, ad, antihistamine etc for sleep.What are others experience with this used in low dosages intermittently.

    I have read how people have blamed this med and others for ruining there natural sleeping ability but i dont have one to ruin.

    Any comments appreciated.
  2. ladybugmandy

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    hi heap. sorry to hear about the insomnia. it runs rampant in my family but luckily, mine is mild and i can manage it with a benzo.

    my mother and i have both tried seroquel but we didnt like it. for me, it just made me feel weird...loopy and woozy is the only way i can explain it.

    that's the way with antipsychotics...usually the side effects wear off in time i think.

    i had a boyfriend once who used it for sleep. he hated it because it made him foggy and groggy in the morning (he did not have CFS but severe insomnia).

    overall, if i had severe insomnia, i would use whatever i could. not sleeping is not an option!

    best of luck
  3. LindaJones

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    I have this problem also.
    I sleep well for a few weeks and then I get insomnia for a few weeks.
    I think that a regular exercise schedule helps with sleep.
    Even if it is walking for 10 minutes a day.
    You can also go to a sleep specialist.
    I saw a report on tv about a program that helps people sleep.
    The program included cognitive behavioral therapy, medication, and waking up
    at the same time every day.
  4. michellemariewalls

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    I feel your pain. you are tired and cant go to sleep or if you happen to doze off it is only for an hour. we cant heal without sleep. This is such a horrible symptom. i have had insomnia all my life but it became immensely worse when i relapsed with epstein barr 4 years ago. what helps me sleep is a cold room, white noise (2 floor fans and a ceiling fan), absolutely no natural light coming in (get light blocking drapes), i also take Dalmane with Phenergan. for some reason, the phenergan helps me stay asleep. i am nauseated 24/7 anyway so it helps a little. Hope this helps.
  5. heapsreal

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    Will see my doc in a few days. Since writting this thread i have started taking 50mg of doxepine and have slept well, but as i stated earlier these things dont work forever. Still not sure but will ask my doc about seroquel and look at taking it 2-3 times a week and doxepine 2-3 times aweek and maybe an antihitamine on other days, hopefully can avoid tolerance and side effects by rotating between them.

    I will ask him his opinion about keeping a few of these sleep meds on hand and when one stops working throw it out and another in etc, I find most sleep meds if used more then twice in a row stop working. The only thing is i feel like a druggy being so reliant on meds for sleep but having cfs and working shift work dont leave me with much choice.

    I hate going to work with 3 hours sleep to front up for a 12hour shift aaarrrgghh. What a relief it was when the doxepine knocked me out. It is one of my favourite sleep meds that i keep returning too.

    Thanks for all the replies too.