Another month before I can get into Specialist

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    Hi everyone,

    What a week! I definitely saw a connection between stress and pain this week. I called the rheumy's office to get an appt but they won't give one until the primary doc sends test results and paperwork over and than the rheumy will decide if he will see you?? I thought that was odd. The receptionist screwed up and didn't give him my paperwork because she couln't remember why I said I wanted to see him? Oy! Trying not to blame doc for incompetent staff.

    Anyhow everytime I call there I'm on hold 10 minutes then I have to leave a message because the secretary is in a "medical emergency" - that's funny! On Thursday I left a message to call me ASAP and then 4 hours later I called again. She had no intention of calling me because the doc didn't look at my paperwork and went home for the day. I lost it and fell apart at work sobbing hysterically. By the time I got home I was in agony with the pain.

    So Friday I worked at home and spoke to my primary (who was surprised that I didn't have an appt with the rheumy yet). She called in a prescription for a muscle relaxer, Flexiril, and she is sending me a prescription to go for water physical therapy. The flexeril isn't really doing anything but I think the therapy will.

    Anyone had water therapy? I figure I'll try it and then try acupuncture. I've heard so many good things about acupuncture but it's alot of money.

    Oh ya, rheumy secretary called me Friday late afternoon and said that he will see me but his earliest opening is November 22nd. Thank god I love my primary doctor and she is good to me - I don't know what I'd do.

    Thinking healthy thoughts for all -
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    The treatment you have received so far doesn't bode well for a good working future with this doctor. I'm so glad you have a good relationship with your PCP.

    Is it possible you can spend this time researching other options where doctor's are concerned? ... Just in case this new doctor turns out to be similar to his staff.

    It has been my experience that rheumatologist are not the end all, beat all in CFS/FM, but more important that the treating doctor be informed, up to date and interested in treating Cfs/fm.

    I have four doctor's helping me and none are rheumatologists ... not that I have anything against them, they just didn't come up while I was putting together my treatment plan. Many have been helped by that particular specialist and I hope you are as well. It just concerned how their staff behaved towards you initially.

    Keep us posted on how things go. I hope I didn't discourage you. In a very round about way was suggesting maybe coming up with an MD to have waiting in the wings in case this one doesn't turn out to be what you want.

    Take care,

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    The only thing worse than waiting 2 months desparately for help, is waiting two months and then not getting it. My experience has been that generalists who are knowledgeable about and routinely treat FMS/CFS, are more helpful than specialists. I guess if you need a diagnosis and your PCP is afraid to give it, a rhuemy may be helpful. It seems that specialists rarely have the time or committment to really be there for you. This is entirely based on my experience, and others may have absolutely the opposite opinion. It was very difficult for me to find the right docs, and I count them as miracles--not everyone is able to find knowledgeable, helpful docs, and I could easily be one of the casualties. Blessings to you in whatever you do--I wish you well. Jen
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    I have found that when I am referred to a specialist, the referring physician's staff will (usually) be happy to make the appointment for me while I am waiting if I ask. I've done this on several occasions. In fact, one of my doctors insists that his scheduler make the appointment while I am still in the office, I assume to assure that the patient will actually follow through with seeing the specialist.

    You might even be able to get in to the rheumy sooner if your PCP's office calls them.