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    Hi was at Dr's today, told her that I had stopped taking the etopan about a week ago as I didn't feel it was helping me, and the fact that I haven't noticed a change in my symptoms since stopping, I am inclined to believe that I was right.

    Anyway, she asked me to try another med, it's called relifex(nabumetone). This will be the third anti-inflammatory that I have been on, .....the other being viox. My blood tests and DNA all show that there is no rheumatoid factor present,so why the insistance to keep trying this particular type of drug?

    I do suffer from swelling in both my arms and legs, and today my doctor was able to point out which hand was giving me the most bother, as it was visibaly more swollen than the other.

    I took my first 2 tablets about an hour ago, I'm feeling a little bit weird.....not sick or anything major just

    Any input would be much appreciated,

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    I'm bumping this up one last time to see if anyone has any info for me.

    Thanks Jacqui
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    I have no info on this med but I wanted to let you know that someone will hopefully be along with some help soon. I know what it is like to get frustrated when a post does not get responded to like you would like it to. The board sometimes moves quickly and no one really can relate to your post so it moves by very fast and those that may have an answer for you miss it.
    As far as the dr wanting to keep trying the anti-inflammatory, I would guess she feels something is causeing the swelling. I had a friend that tested negative for over 5 years for RA and then WHAM she finally tested positive and when she got the RA drugs in her she never felt better. Some drs just want to keep trying until they find a med that works ... better than giving up. I know how frustrated you must be.
    Please hang in there. Take care.

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    Luckily, all I needed to do was take a series of herbals to cleanse my colon and I was greatly helped. Someone recommended a low carbohydrate diet, using a soy drink product named something like EAS. It was a basic soy drink that I mixed strawberries and banana's into.
    My body started to swell, first my ankles then my knuckles. I also noticed my tummy and middle rib region had blown up some, but they were firm, not fatty. I knew I hadn't suddenly built up muscle mass but I was solid. I went to a homeopathic practioner, one of her diagnosing tools was just to look at your blood. No tests just the how the blood was clotting and what the consistency was, I'm sure she looked at other stuff but I'm not familiar with all she does, but she told me my blood was carrying alot of "stuff". I'm sure she explained it better than that.Anyway, what I found out was that I couldn't process soy and the soy was backing up in my system not breaking down and I was getting solid because of the soy in my system. I had recently had my gall bladder removed, that may have played a part. She put me on a program Called Dr. Schulzes Colon Cleanser along with some other supplements. Amazingly, my system regulated and my body slimmed down and became less achey. Certainly not cured but the digestive and swelling portion was greatly relieved.

    Turns out genetically there are foods that many of us can't eat and with the new global village concept some of us are eating things that were not available to us before and we just don't have the ability to digest some of them. This is different for everyone, but if you start to swell and feel pretty solid chances are good that this may be the cause and it is a fairly simple fix so why not give it a try. Pro-Health may even have a Colon Cleanse routine, I am just glad I met this gal because she was able to help me set up some kind of food program specific to me and my particular food needs. I never think of things of a diet or allergy, to me food is food and I just don't do well with some of it and I do with others. I can get nuts if I get into the fear part of food, so I try to keep it simple. This gal really helped, she was down to earth and kept the list simple and based it on things that made sense to me. I hope you have some luck. She did recommend a high colonic. I chose not to do that, I have leaky bowel syndrome and I'm not perfect in the way I eat. I had a high colonic years ago and felt so sick afterwards I will never do that again. So you are in charge.
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