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    GLASTETTER New Member

    I am crying because it feels so good to talk to someone else with the same problem. My name is Barbara and I just got married in April and then find out I have this. I believe I have had it for years, I have IBS, acid reflux,artho, restless leg but i had different doctors for everything. Now i just see one and she is great, i am on a lot of meds. it is amazing that i can work but if i keep messing up i won't be here for much longer

  2. Kinsie

    Kinsie New Member

    Welcome. You will find all kinds of information and support here.

    Glad to have you with us.

  3. kat2002

    kat2002 New Member

    Welcome to the board! It takes awhile to find out what helps each person, it's different for everyone. The best advice I can give is to educate yourself about the disease. I find new information and present it to my doctor almost every visit.

    Good luck,
  4. barbinindiana

    barbinindiana New Member

    to the board. I hope you find the info here as helpful as I have. The people here are wonderful. I've had FM for 30 some years, and CFS for almost 8, and even though I've done alot of research on my own, I'm still learning helpful things from people here who are kind enough to share what they have learned. In my book, this is the best place on the net for connection with good people who know what you're going through and truly care.
  5. tata1580

    tata1580 New Member

    Welcome..I am also a newbie, I have found this board 2-3 weeks ago and I have learned so much..things no dr. ever told me about this DD..And it is a truely a wonderful thing to come here and everyone knows exactly what and how you are feeling. If I have a question now this is the first place I come to..

    glad your here
  6. fabricaholic

    fabricaholic New Member

    welcome aboard!!!!!!

    this is a great place to be!

  7. blessedmom2four

    blessedmom2four New Member

    this has been a great place to learn, cry, and share the joys, although i havent been here very long i have gotten so much in the short time i have been here

    GLASTETTER New Member

    to prickles
    thanks so much and i will try some of your sugestions
    i is nice to have people who understand and can give me tips like yours. again thanks so much
  9. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Prickles gave you great ideas so I just want to say Hi! and welcome you to the board.

  10. onlythestrong

    onlythestrong New Member

    To our fibro family! You need answers you should be able to find them here.
    There are many great people here to help and I've found alot of answers myself plus ALOT of laughs.
    We're here when you need us.
    Hugs to ya,
  11. TAM

    TAM New Member

    Hi Barb,

    Glad you found this site, i agree with you it does feel good to talk to others who are going threw the same things as you. I wish you better health and lots of happiness. Tammy
  12. Crispangel66

    Crispangel66 New Member

    ever since I first started coming here it has helped me greatly and I wish I could come here more often but I have to come to the public library to get on here anymore because I couldn't afford internet service anymore.

    I can't hardly wait till I can get my service back and come on here more so I can help people more.

  13. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    and welcome to our family. This is a great group. Everyone is helpful and friendly, and we have terrific moderators. Feel free to ask any questions. Many people are quite knowledgable about protocols that have worked for them...there is a wealth of information here that you probably won't get from doctors.

    We also have a lot of empathy as we all go through it. Many of us have multiple illnesses we are dealing with. I have FM, Crohn's, asthma, and osteoarthritis (related to the Crohn's). I am 50 married 20 years with two teenage kids and two dogs.

    I hope you have someone supportive in your life, hopefully your husband. It makes hard times easier.

    Welcome again and hope to see you here often.


    GLASTETTER New Member

    yes i have a great support team between my husband and son. i have been very blessed with them, and the rest of my family but they don't live near me.
    i also asthma, osteoarthritis, so i know how you feel

    thanks so much i can already tell that i have been blessed with another new family (finding all of you).

    it is starting to rain here and i can really feel it in my back, neck, hips, and arms. it usaually takes me a couple of days to get over the rain.
    so i will sign off for now
    thanks again to all of you

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