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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jonsparky, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Jonsparky

    Jonsparky New Member

    Hi everyone,
    Just signed up two weeks ago, glad I found this site.
    I have been treated for CFS, which the DS has been changed to FM. My doctor is Dr Wightman from the Holtorf Medical Group, I have been receiving treatment for 4 years now. Had everything, chronic fatigue, brain fog, pain everywhere, etc. I initially went in for my thyroid, as my physical had my TSH at 5.6. The reason I picked Holtorf, is I had suspicions that it was FM. To regress, 10 years before I had been treated by Dr Gruenn for brain fog, he felt that it was just a blood sugar problem, which it turned out to be more then that. I felt he kind of blamed me for not improving with hos special diet, which I followed religiously. So I kind of floated for a couple of years, until the symptoms got to much to handle.
    I first got the infections under conrol, I had very bad Candida infection in my gut, this took over a year to control, simultaneously,getting the adrenals up to normal, all the hormones up to normal, as I was deficient in all of them. I am now in the phase of starting heparin injections, this is my second week. My blood wok came back positive for fibrin and hypercoagulation. I am also taking the doctors blend of enzymes. I haven't had to much of a reaction to the heparin yet, but I am only taking 50 ui a day. Have had some bruising in the injection site, which he said would be normal. I also give myself B12/Glutithyone injections everyday, using two types of B-12 hydroxocobalonin and methylcobalamin, I am a walking pharmacy!
    Anyway, that is my life in a nutshell, I have seen drastic improvements in my overall health and
    well being. I very seldom have brain fog, but it still rarely occurs.
    Nice to meet you all, and I would be interested if anyone else is following this regimen.
    Take care,
  2. earthdog2000

    earthdog2000 Member

    Hi Jon!

    Let me be the first to welcome you aboard Prohealth and this msg. board! You truly did find a wonderful site. The people here are very kind, compassionate and caring! There is a wealth of info, advice, and research to be found on Prohealth. I personally have been here for about 6 years and it is like a second home to me now as I am in the process of waiting on disability. You will find a lot of understanding as well because the only ones who can truly understand these DD's (darn diseases) are those of us who have been through it all.

    It sounds like you have been working really hard to get yourself well and that is really good news! I am so happy that you are experiencing a better quality of life now! Feel free to tell us all more about yourself if you wish to share. Replying to and posting is a great way to get to know the folks on this board. It sounds like you could really "help" a lot of us with your knowledge and history of getting to where you are today! Look forward to hearing from you....

    Peace, Faith and Hope, Julie
  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the board. As Julie says, it is a wonderful site. It has been
    therapeutic for me. The chit chat board is my social outlet now. A good
    place to talk about topics like kids, pets, music, etc.

    You can find a menu for all the boards at this site in the upper right
    hand corner. The board rules are in the same spot.

    Best of luck
  4. Jonsparky

    Jonsparky New Member

    Thanks for the encouragement and additional supplement suggestions.
    Grape seed extract, sounds like it would be a good addition to my pile of pills! My good cholesterol is still to low, only 30, is Grape seed ext. Good for that. This still puts me in a high ratio for a heart attach, but no matter what I have done, it will not budge. I was thinking of starting Red yeast rice supplements again. I will not take Stanton drugs, as I had problems with more muscle pain when Gruenn put me on them.
    As far a Dr Gruenn, he helped some, Annika his wife, was an even greater help, getting my diet in order. I have been on a low carb diet since I saw Gruennn in 1999.
    I could imagine that people might be reluctant to go to Holtorf, as it is an exspensive protocol. They really attach the problem from every angle. Quest Diagnostics laughed out loud when I first showed up for my bloodiest, saying "oh no, another one from Holtorf!" but they do get results. I am hoping that the Heparin will do something for the muscle pain, still early to find out.
    I have had it all, TMJ, PN, in my hands and feet, floating pain. When I first went to Wightman, My diagnosis was hypothyroid, low HGH, low testosterone, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, Chronic fatigue, Candida infection, and a sleep disorder. Everything is now stabilized, except the good Cholesterol, I can excersise again, I lap swim, 3 times a week, sleep is a little better, thankfully rid of the yeast infection, still have the pain, but it is manageable.
    The medications and doctor visits run about $13 k a year.
    Well I will explore the forum, it is nice to meet all of you!
    I don't know if I can manage a physical support group, as I am a semi cloistered monk.
    Take care,
  5. Jonsparky

    Jonsparky New Member

    Sorry to confuse you, my HDL is 30 my LDL is around 130, don't have my labs with me at the moment. I don't know about Homocysteine, I will check my labs when I get home. I am sure they would love to run another teat on me! :0) A new thing to research, love researching...
    They must have tested for it, I am drained of blood every time I go to Quest!
    Yes the lettuce sandwich, been there many times. I mostly eat salads, I am a lacto vegetarian, no more soy. I eat eggs, cheese and supplement my diet with Whey Protien.
    The majority of the cost is the hormone replacement, and HGH keeps gojng up in cost. I am sure they are marking up the price on that stuff, I would love to shop price on it. I think HGH has helped a lot, with FM,I wish it was cheaper, but it is made in Austria. The B12/Glutethione shots are really helping me with my energy levels. I had felt years ago (intuition?) that I needed B-12, the drone doctor I was seeing, said "you don't look like you need it"... I am probably in need of the Glutithyone more then the B12 at the moment, I probably have expensive urine!
    So off to research Homocysteine!
    Take care,
  6. Jonsparky

    Jonsparky New Member

    I think my homo levels were good, I am taking enough B12 so that should lower the levels. Holtorf group is not into the Big Pharma program,they mostly come from a supplement base, and bioidentical hormones. I know Big Pharma would like to stamp out supplements and compound pharmacies. FDA is even going after the Organic growers! I agree that Cholesterol is not the bad guy,but the doctors are afraid of lawsuits!
    I will return to my mind opening...
    Take care,

    Ps right now there is a fierce thunder storm right over my head! I am out in 29 Palms desert...
  7. Jonsparky

    Jonsparky New Member

    I prefer dry heat to damp heat, today was the later... It has been 115 deg all week! My swamp cooler doesn't work very well, when it is raining!
    Yes, the beach has been very cool this summer.

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