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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mccape, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. mccape

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    Hello everyone-I am new to the site and am looking forward to getting to know all of you.

    I was oficially diagnosed with FMS ysterday after seeing a specialist at The Cleveland Clinic. My PCP referred me after treating me for depression and IBS for the last couple of years with me complaining that it wasn't helping the entire time.

    I haven't exercised in over 15 years (other than chase 2 kids around and normal day-to-day activity) and am going to have to change my lifestyle tremendously.

    I am off to read the posts and look for tips and advice.

    Happy Friday!
  2. hurts59

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    i can not tell you that it will be easy but i am fairly new to the boards to and have found that it has heelped me a lot. i look forward to talking with my new friends and find a tremendous amount of support. my only advice to you is take each day as it comes. dont worry about tomorrow till its here. (easier said than done i know if icould only take my own advice some times) if you have not exercised in a really long time start real slow for me sometimes it actually aggravates my fibro. stretch stretch stretch to start for a good couple of weeks. good luck and my word is not gospel can only relate what i have found for me.
  3. debbiem31

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    Hi there. I'm relatively new here, but already this site has been a tremedous help to me.

    I've already found a good doctor to see and I found out about a technique for carpal tunnel. I'm going to see the chiro on Monday to see if he can help with the cts.

    I wish you luck. There are other nice boards here too. I fight depression because of the pain, so I go to that board, and the chit chat one as well.

    Well, Good luck, Debbie
  4. SCARLETT415

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    Welcome. This board is great. I was lurking for a few weeks before joining and found it the best place. I would sit at my computer crying while reading posts and my husband would be all concerned. I just told him that it was so wonderful to be validated by complete strangers!! I also was diagnosed with FM and Hashimoto Thyroiditis at The Cleveland Clinic 2 years ago. My family Doc has treated me for CFS and thyroid for many years but he and I both wanted another opinion from a specialist. Actually, a massage therapist I seeing specialized in Fibro and was finding all the typical areas that would really hurt when she worked on me. I hope to be able to try her again as my neck surgery is almost healed. She helped my daily pain quite alot and also got me feeling like I could walk and stretch like I needed to. It is so good to be validated and know you are not crazy. Do you live in Cleveland? My daughter does and works at The Clinic. I live in N.W. PA.