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    Hello everyone! I have been diagnosed with Fibro on top of severe arthritis one year ago. I have had the symptons for so many years that I thought all my pain was because of the the field I have worked in for 30 yrs. I can't stress the importance of being diagnosed by a rhumetologist(sp?) It appears GP's don't give Fibro. much weight. Thank God for my Dr. He diagnosed me within four minutes. I am so glad to have found this message board (it took me a long time to figure out how to log on but I did it. I am on an anti depressent (Wellbutrin) But some days, especially on "fibro fog days" I feel so sad. My husband is very supportive but we now work opposite shifts so I am alone alot. Not a good thing some days. Now if I could get the rest of my relatives to understand the extent of fibro and arthritis together they might cut me some slack about my lack of energy to go visiting or to come outside to play with nieces and nephews. Any suggestions? Soft and gentle fibro hugs to you all. It is so validating to read all of your messages. What a kind group of people. I look forward to being with you all from now on. Thanks for listening. It helps.
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    Welcome to our world, sorry about the new diagnosisi, however you do seem to be taking it in stride. Hope you are feeling less sad and find the support you need here. Anyway Hello for now. Take care and again welcome.

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    Hi Joan,
    Welcome to the board. Regarding your family, maybe if they read up on FM that would be helpful. I am now reading the book, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia, by R. Paul St. Amand. The first chapter describes what people with fibromyalgia go through. Maybe if your relatives see it in print, and see how many people have FM, that would increase their understanding and support of you. Once again, welcome, and I hope this helps. Take care.
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    How do you even work? You must be miserable. Sorry to hear about yet another family that doesn't get it. I would have them read some information, and explain to them what is going on. Maybe you could do some indoor activities with your neices and nephews that don't take so much card games, board games, computer/video games. If energy permits go for a short walk and make a game out of it like I spy or something. You didn't mention how old they are, but if they are kids they might understand and may want to help decide what you can do together. Just some thoughts. Also, if your husband is supportive, he can have a role in getting the family to understand and accept you where you're at. God Bless!
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    Hi Joan, welcome to our world. Sorry you have FM, but at least you were diagnosed. I recall how glad I was to finally have a NAME for what I was going through. Strangly, it did make me feel good.

    As for people who do not understand, well that is part of this illness, and is one of the worst dilemmas outside of all the symptoms.

    I did not quite understand about the nieces and nephews, why would you play outside with them?? I raised three children and one grandchild till he was five years old, but I am not or ever been the type of person that played with children.

    I would teach them games of all kinds, then when they learned I stepped out of the game and supervise them, would read to them, teach them to read and write when they were old enough. I guess I am not a 'child person', but a disciplinarian. I also had a Child Care Center for ten years.

    Have never liked to play children games till this day. Why would this be nessary for you to do?

    Again, welcome to the board, and hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Hi and Welcome!
    I come to this site off and on...more so lately. It is the best site for Fibro.
    I'm struggling with telling the grand kids that some days I can't go out and play. My daughter and son, as well as my husband has been very supportive.
    I guess when I need to just sit most of the day..I just do it. Don't let any one pressure you into anything...nobody really knows how it feels unless they have it and experience it day after day. I ususaly just say that I'm not up to it and if they want more information, then I'm happpy to get into it. If not, then I let it go, I figure that they aren't listening anyway.
    Take care,