Another piece of the puzzle?

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    I read in the Sunday newspaper about an interesting small study:
    "People who have more brain activity in their left prefrontal cortex also appear to have a stronger immune response, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison reported. The scientists asked 52 volunteers to write about their worst and best times, then measured the subjects' brain activity. The volunteers were then given flu shots and tested two weeks, four weeks and six months later for flu antibodies. Those who had more activity in the right prefrontal cortex--which is associated with strong emotional responses and depression-- had FEWER flu antibodies, indicating a weaker immune response." The findings were released last week by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. That makes me think that if a person is slightly depressed, maybe even by everyday things or is "emotional" by nature (or both? always hear more women with these DD's?) you have a much higher risk of any illness because of the weak immune system. Our bodies don't benefit as much from immunizations, leaving us more susceptible to whatever is out there, stealth pathogens, viruses and bacteria, maybe paving the way for fibro and CFIDS? Heck, immunizations or not, we are more likely to get something from a having a weaker immune system, if this story is true. We obviously don't "do" medicines well, same reason? For instance if taking antibiotics, and don't have the immune system doing its part, it wouldn't work as well. To me it seems to say a lot for researchers looking into the "right brain, left brain" orientation to see if right brain people need extra vaccines, stronger meds, etc. Input? I'm really foggy today, so I don't know if I explained it like I wanted to, hope you can wend your way through it!
    Sandy J.
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    to what Bek said. I already knew that whatever bug or germ is roaming around, I can never dodge the bullet! I guess that's what we get for being compassionate feeling people. If we just work on being insensitive and mean, maybe we will get better? NO? better to be a sicky in body than in the heart! Yes!

    God Bless

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    I have always noticed that people who are more sensitive emotionally are also more sensitive physically. Notice how many artistic or musical geniuses also battle depression and mental illness or other types of chronic illnesses? I think our personalities and bodies go together, and whatever it is that makes a person more sensitive in their physiology also makes them more sensitive emotionally/creatively - that is, aware and accepting of things, whether they be new ideas, details, irritants, germs, etc. Just my own theory, but it seems to hold true based on my observations. It would be interesting to do a poll and see how many people on this board are either creatively gifted or are very "open minded" (including socially accepting), or both.
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    You all explained it better than I did, Bek-Lol, too true, foggy seems like an all-the-time condition anymore! Thanks again sumbuni and IgotYou.

    Sandy J.
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    I know that I'm what is called "Right Brain", but never thought to associate it with an Immune System Problem too.
    Yes it could well be another Piece of the Puzzle.
    I'm constantly looking for the missing ones.

    I have always said that FMS is my Brain screaming, I can't Take any More Pain.