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    When You’re Tired and Weary

    When you’re tired and you’re weary,
    and you have no strength at all,
    just give it to our Father God,
    He’s there to hear your call.

    He’s waiting there for you each day,
    to bring Him all your cares,
    He knows what you are thinking,
    so go to Him with prayers.

    Let every thought that causes pain,
    or gives you grief or woe,
    be laid upon the altar,
    and there just let it go.

    It doesn’t cost you anything,
    in fact, from this you’ll gain,
    such peace and much serenity,
    so please do not refrain.

    Live life then with abundance,
    a gift by God’s sweet grace,
    and look at Him with open eyes,
    see love upon His face.

    Release it all to our dear Lord,
    and love He’ll freely give,
    to you His precious child of light,
    give thanks to Him and live!

    By Carol Ann
    (Servant of God!)

    August 9, 2006
    All honor and glory to God
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    for sharing your love and encouragement! Love, Tam
  3. MamaR

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    Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful poem.

    God bless you and your sister!

  4. musicinpraise

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    Thank you so much for your praise. Please give it all to God! I am merely His servant. God bless you always! God loves you and will always be there with you! Carol Ann