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  1. susabar

    susabar New Member

    I am currently not working as I started a full-blown flare 3 weeks ago.. and am newly diagnosed...
    I am currently trying meds and PT under the care of a good Rheuma.
    My Question is : How many of you are able to hold down a full- time job? I don't know if I will ever be able to go back to my job full time again....
  2. susabar

    susabar New Member

    I am currently not working as I started a full-blown flare 3 weeks ago.. and am newly diagnosed...
    I am currently trying meds and PT under the care of a good Rheuma.
    My Question is : How many of you are able to hold down a full- time job? I don't know if I will ever be able to go back to my job full time again....
  3. ZosoLight

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    I'm just too sick to work-- pain, cognitive problems, killer fatigue, etc.

    I'm doing acupuncture, massage, Physical Therapy, seeing a psychologist, colonic irrigations, and just bought a juicer and am juicing daily, trying to walk outside when I feel up to it.

  4. twjen

    twjen New Member

    Hi susabar, I know what you mean. If Im at home and do the dishes at least I can endure it knowing I can take a break when done, or sitting at computer writing I can get up stretch, grimace, and what have you. Could not do this at work, and also cant even wake up (cognitive stuff) or stretch the pain out to get ready. Mornings are so bad, but with this round days on end are so bad. Im going to get fired this week because HR rep is really irritated with me for missing work (fmla) even though I dont get paid she keeps sending new fmla forms and rejecting the ones my dr. fills out. Im tired of harassing DR. with it, so I will just let them fire me. This is too much for me to deal with. I was working part time. Hope you do better.
    God Bless!!
  5. tamara123

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    I too am unable to work now, I was diagnosed in 96. I have tried FT, PT, all differnet kinds of work to no hoping that I will eventually fall into the SSI category, I am only on my first try.

    Good Luck
  6. kadywill

    kadywill New Member

    until the doc took me out permanently last week. I thought this would be horrible, but it isn't. I feel MUCH better and am able to take the narcotics without worrying about my ability to make wise decisions at work. I am a nurse and I was worried about this. I am awaiting my first STD payment. I worry about finances, but I feel that this is what's best for me now and I am glad the doc made the decision for me. I am OK with this. I am also enjoying a routine during the day, as I am now a FLYlady!! I don't know if you've seen this website, but it has really helped me adapt from one routine to another. One of my greatest fears was that I would lie around and "give up" and I NEEDED to feel useful and take some of the burden off of my husband; he has been doing the shopping and household duties for me for many years due to this DD. He knew that I could NOT do all of that AND work outside the home. Now, I CAN do all of that. You should've seen him this weekend!!! His chores were already done (by me) and he didn't know what to do with all that free time!! Now that my pain is managed by taking Oxy, I feel like doing a lot more than I ever dreamed and I am thoroughly enjoying being a housewife. I worked the entire time my children were growing up and I figured that I always would.....this feels like cheating, but I KNOW that my health will improve!!! It already has! I'm even walking every day at the least a mile; often more. Not a "power-walk", mind you, but a nice steady's a start!

  7. Achy-shaky

    Achy-shaky New Member

    Since last Jan. I haven't worked full time. It was not my choice but am glad they let me much stress and it was slowly killing me. My employer refused to modify my job per doctors requirements so I had to leave and still waiting on my workers comp settlement and then will file for SSD because there is no way I can ever do it again. I'm doing 9-12 hours a week freelance tutoring now which is just enough to get me out doing something but even that is very draining as it involves driving 30-40 min one way. It's been difficult financially, had to sell home but thats a blessing in degise too...less work. Living to take care of me and that's the most important job right now. If your job isn't too stressful you may be able to handle it full time but if not, you will survive.
    Best of luck to you!

  8. teach6

    teach6 New Member

    I am no longer able to work full-time. I have CFS with NMH along with FM. I tried going back part-time last year and that didn't work. It was too much for me. I worked less and less and rested more and more.

    Now that I am finished, at least temporarily, with my SSDI paperwork, I have time to actually do something else besides sleep and eat. I have a part-time home-based business that I've been able to work at and I've just started a new hobby, scrapbooking.

    A friend and I are doing this together and are quite excited about it. It's the first time in over 15 years that I've been able to have enough energy for a hobby!

  9. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    .....and all three times I collapsed (literally) on the morning of the third day back and had to be carried out. The first time I was hospitalized for a week because I couldn't walk. I really pushed myself because not working was just not an option. But, it became a reality anway, and I have not worked for 17 yrs. now. I lost my home to foreclosure only 4 months after I bought it with 20% down. Later on, I started 3 businesses from home at different times, only to have them all fall apart when fall came and the cold weather made me flare up.
    However, I do know people who have gone back to work. Most of them have great support systems at home, and all of them have flexible work hours. So, there is hope.
  10. Myth

    Myth New Member

    I have FMS and currently work full-time. Don't know how long it is going to last. My mind is not what it used to be and I have no social life or hobbies when I work because the pain and fatigue are too great. If I can get better treatment then maybe I can continue, and perhaps even go into work I am more qualified for. Right now it is a day by day thing.
  11. maleficent4310

    maleficent4310 New Member

    I am not real sure if I am going to be able to handle it (or if my husband will be able to handle me being dead to the world whenever Im home), but I am going to give it a shot. My boss has promised me 40 hours over the holidays. I figure I will give it a trial run and see how it goes. I love working, so I hope I can pull it off. I will keep you posted.
  12. griswoldgirl

    griswoldgirl New Member

    and burned hard. I just had knee surgery due to a torn ligament and it is my third surgery in 3 years due to other problems besides FMS. I also was fired from my job as a sonographer at a hospital I worked at for 3 years due to too many absences. Just like that my job was gone.

    When it was just fibro-Ihung in there--but after a while it wears on you and will catch up. Several people here told me so and I would not listen so my body required another surgery and I stongly believe it probably saved my life. I have been out of work for about 3 months now with nothing but time on my hands to think about how hard I pushed through the pain each and every day and tried to act normal. I know now I am not "normal" what ever normal is--I have limits and must respect them.

    I do not have the answers but this I do know-balance is the key and it is hard to achieve it, accepting my limits has been very hard for me--typical type A personality here. And I have not fully accepted them every day--but the days are getting closer together, the house is an absolute pig sty-but if that is the worse thing I have to deal with it is fine. when working I had thoughts of suicide to just end the pain and torment of pushing every day and working along side people who do not understand you or even try for that matter. Heck my coworkers and boss were angry with me for being sick and constantly let me know. i was harrassed continually about even talking about pain at all. I was written up for my irratic behavior due to medication side effects from neurontin even after telling my supervisor I was having a problem with it and was tappering off--these are just a few things I delt with.

    will YOU ever be able to work full time again? I wish I could answer that question. only you will be able to know. Depends on what you do for a living and how you feel.

    I wish you luck, there are people here who do it and i was one of them for 7 years, now I am not sure. When my knee heals if it ever does,ugg!, I am planing on working part time to see how I do first. take care
  13. kay

    kay New Member

    If you have F.M.L.A. I DONT THINK THEY CAN FIRE YOU. I am not sure,but I would look into it. Do you have a hand book from work about this? I would get one, if you dont. How can they reject what your doctor tells them? Doesn't seem right. I know when our employees were out on fmla we couldn't do anything about it!
  14. marcus1243

    marcus1243 New Member

    Cos I just veg out at a desk and answer phone calls. I couldn't do anything else, quite frankly, so I guess I got lucky with the job. It's still a trial on flare days tho!
  15. nova

    nova New Member

    I work a full time job. It is hard. There are days that I just have to lie in bed and not go but I tromp through it. However, when I had my first flare I had to take 6 weeks leave and go to PT every day 6-8 hrs a day. Then it still took about 6 months to get my meds adjusted. It's really been in the last few months that I have done better. For me working gets me up and going. I think it helps the depression anyway. I also have a job that was never mentally challanging so that helps alot. I can fake it when I need to.
  16. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Sue:

    I'm still working full-time, but holding on by the skin of my teeth. I have a lot of family stuff going on right now, but as soon as that is over in a few months, I am hopeful it will be easier for me to work. Fortunately, I work at a college and am half-time for three months in the summer. Plus, we get a lot of sick, vacation, and holiday time, which helps get me through. But I do wonder and worry if the day comes when I can't work anymore how my husband and I will do financially. From what I've read from others on this board, getting disability is usually not easy and it takes a long time. It's hard to finally comes to terms with the fact that you are disabled and the old you is gone forever. I can appreciate what you are going through. I was just diagnosed this past summer.

  17. kellym

    kellym New Member

    I lost my last full time job as an office manager b/c they refused to change my hours from 8 to 5 to 9 to 6. By the way, for those of you who might be in a similar situation, the EEOC filed a charge of discrimination against them for it. It worked out for the best though, cause I can't work 40 hours anymore. Now, I'm at a place part-time being a glorified receptionist. At least its PT and close to home. GOOD LUCK.
  18. lmn

    lmn New Member

    as a preschool teacher. My hours are Mon - Fri from 8:45 'til 11:45, Sept. thru May. It's perfect for me as far as my ability to handle working, however, we could use more money. I'm actually thinking about finding another part time position from 12 -3, but I'm afraid I'll overdo it. We'll see...
  19. nitalynn

    nitalynn New Member

    I work full time in retail(on my feet all the time.) I have alot of pain but am getting relief with ultracet and my husband is very supportive. I think that really makes the difference.
  20. GAK

    GAK New Member

    Read all the replies and found I'm not so lazy as I thought.
    I'm divorced, have tried part time jobs with not much luck. And of course since I'm divorced I'm the only one to take care of household chores and any of those other daily living chores. Left my last job to be my Mother's primary caregiver, she passed away last month and I just can't go get another job. The pain, the coginitive difficulties, the fatigue all are just too much. Did teach pre-school several years ago but got to where I couldn't remember the children's names. (That's not good!) Have started doing research into applying for SSI wanting to do it all right the first time even though I know I'll be turned down but hope this will help with the appeals. Anyone have any suggestions? I really need the extra support as quickly as possible so if anyone knows anything that might help I sure would appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me.