Another possible Lyme disease

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    As I'd seen several posts from people who have recently found out they have Lyme Disease I thought I'd get checked. My results are back and it was 'borderline' for Borrealis. I'm not sure how it can be borderline??Anyone know???? My Dr is sending on the test result to a specialist. Do you think I should get treatment whatever happens????Ive been unwell for 24 years. Antone know if Lyme has been around for that long in Europe?????? I also lived on Long Island ,so maybe I picked it up more recently??? Would love any advice you have....
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    I have read that it is better to use fluid from the spine or a major joint for testing lyme. Blood test are only useful during the first 2-weeks of infection and usually are seronegative after chronic lyme infection has developed.
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    It is a much bigger problem than is allowed. Govt. actually closed down labs that were going to expose. Sort of like the agent orange,fm/cfids/gulf war. There is alot more to this situation. I know a doc who at over 70yr.old,almost got put in prison for trying to expose. They know of 3 diff. type of bacterium, also cross over viral. Suppossedly the lyme bacterium in Europe is diff. than the one`s in U.S. It is very controversial on treatment do to the spirochete constantly changing and mutating. Some people are on long term antibiotic and have just as many good days as bad as we do now. Others respond to treatment alittle better. Just that it hides sooo deeply in tissue makes it diff. for antibiotics to cure. I was told I was probably given a slow death sentence by a doc who put me on doxy for only 4 wk. I was no better so he stopped. Well, that is when spyrochete runs to brain, hides in frontal lobe,doing its thing,mutating a forcing cytokins to release more toxin.At our clinic they watched it mutate. Lately I have been getting worse and only Lyme doc. that knows anything here has been sick and not on my insurance. Lyme ticks have been picked off beaches here. I doc told me that is not true, we had it at clinic. Even if it is right in front of some doc`s,like ourselves, they turn their backs. Soooo frustrating. You have to do what you feel is right. Type on top Lyme,or as Betsy said,Lymenet. If you can find a Good Lyme doc that you trust then you will have to see what works for you. I wish you good luck & hope something helps>

    Betsy, How are you doing I have been worried? Huggsss