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    I wrote this song using the scripture Psalm 73:25. It was a time when I felt alone. When I would go through hard times people would pull away, or avoid me. That is something I am going through now. I have Major Depression Disorder, and it is a lonely way to live. I am glad that the Lord is always there. This song reflects on that.

    Whom Have I in Heaven But Thee

    Jesus, I know that you care for me,
    And that you will see me through,
    Though others may be far away,
    A true friend you always will be.


    Whom have I in heaven but thee
    And whom have I on earth beside thee
    For you alone is my salvation
    And because of you I am free.

    With others I can share my needs
    But they don't always understand
    Lord, you know how I feel
    So with all I come unto thee.

    Even though the battle is raging
    And all are falling around me
    The storms of life are pounding
    I still can cling unto thee.

    Because I was lost in sin
    You died on the cross for me
    My sins you now have forgiven
    My life I give unto thee.

    When life on earth is over
    In heaven you I shall see
    Since you have redeemed me
    With you I always will be.

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    You are certainly a blessing to this board, Thank You so much for sharing this wonderful prayer song with all of us.

    Blessings, Judy