Another question about pain meds and cervical spine surgery

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shelby319, Sep 13, 2006.

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    Top of the day again to everyone~~

    I know this question has been asked and probably answered a million times, but here goes again folks.....

    On Oct 4th I go in for cervical fusion surgery on 3 or 4 of my disks and I just had my pre-op with my neurosurgeon yesterday...very scary appointment, yet very good Dr.!!! I couldn't of gotten a better Dr. to do this type of surgery, let alone know alot about Fibromyalgia and the pain associated with it. So, I thought I had asked everything, but we didn't get to the point of discussing my after care of my pain management. Mostly because my husband was with me and I didn't want his input, as he looks at me funny when I ask alot of questions or he thinks they are stupid questions...silly man!!!!

    So, my question is...I'm only on 10 mgs of Oxycontin and up to six Lorcets for breakthrough pain during the day and nighttime. I know alot of you are on stronger meds than I am, but how difficult was it to manage your pain after any type of surgery you might have had done??

    Would you say I'm at a safer level of pain meds than alot of others, and if I need something stronger after the surgery would it be managable for them to say give me the patches or something else to help control the pain without it interfering with my breathing or any other side effects that come with giving more pain medications than what I'm used to?

    Also, will they beable to notice how much pain I'm in and beable to administer a higher amount than normally what I'm on? Will they also realize this while I'm under during the surgery and the anesthesiologist will know that by monitoring me? I know I'm babbling on here...but I'm really a nervous wreck right now and not knowing if I will be fine or what the outcome might be!!!!!!! I don't really have anyone else that understands this surgery, plus the Fibromyalgia and how both of them will affect me afterwards!!

    Thank you for any help you can give me...I just love this board, its so great and so much information for us people with this DD!!
    Gentle hugs,
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    hey --my name is laura-------i think those are very good/need to know questions---------and i understand about asking them in front of people that do not understand!!!!!-------------listen------make a list of all these questions and anymore--------call your doctors office and ask that your doctor (or his nurse) to please call you back asap--------you have questions about your surgery---------you might ask them to reccomend an anesthesiologist who has worked w/ fibro patients before --------or if you have an anesthesiologist you trust------call the hospital you will be at------make a request for that person ---------ask that they call you back asap---------have your list ready and ask ALL THE QUESTIONS YOU WANT UNTIL YOU ARE SATISFIED-------------THIS IS YOUR RIGHT-----THEY ALL ARE GOING TO BE PAID VERY WELL-----------!!!!!!THEY SHOULD BE HAPPY TO DO THIS----------if not-------i would find someone that will----------in my past surgeries i have always requsted my anesthesilogist (have had 2 and 3 choice) and they have called me several times before surgery and the night of--------------ihope this helps you some--------keep us posted and let us know how everthing goes!!!!!!!LOVE TO ALL------LAURA
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    Don't worry too much about the pain afterwards, it will be minimal, of course everyone is different, but I have no pain tolerance and was given morphine iv after my C6 fusion. The pain in my hip where they took bone for the fusion hurt more than my neck! You're already on a good heavy dosage of pain medicine (at least I think so) and can continue that as soon as you come home. Are your DR's aware you have Fibro? When the surgeon did my knee replacements he had Oxycontin ready for me and all I ha to do was pushthe button for pain. Taking Oxy made me sleep my pain away! Make sure you tell your surgeon or nurse in the OR if you don't see Dr that you have Fibro and you need something strong after surgery. Good luck with your surgery and hopefully you won't have any problem with your fusion.
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    hi shelby

    I can understand your concern. I have had 3 cervical fusions and yes they are painful but I was given only percocet for pain afterward and it was very helpful and all I needed. but I also agree that you should write all of your questions and ask your doctor, so that he is aware of your concerns.

    In Friendship
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    I was given percocet & Oxy in regard to my ruptured disc (L4/L5). My body completely shut down & I had an impacted colon. My advice is to be cautious & ask, ask, ask questions. No one knows enough about pain & how drugs impact us. It's always better to have to sift through too much info than to have too little.

    When I had the surgery I also did not emerge from the anesthesia in the usual amount of time. The surgeon was very concerned about how long it took me to recover as he'd never seen anyone take so long.

    Also, after my surgery for an anal fissure I was in such pain that the nurses had to up my mophine dose 2xs. It was evident how much pain I was in & how much I needed to just manage to get up & out of the recovery room.

    Very best wishes for your surgery. May you heal quickly.

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