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    I seen in some posts that some of you see a neuro other than your pcp....I want to know why?? FM I was told is not is there a reason you see a neuro...or was it just in the jungle of sx sounding neurological and that loved the neuro dr???? can anyone with answers to this please reply thanks sooo very much...just curious...trying to learn as much as that they tell me this isnt MS but that it is for sure fibro..with out even doing the pressure point touches on me....that I read about...hmmmm sarah
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    thanks, Yes I think sure he should be able to decide if MS or he specializes in that..but to say it isnt neurological at all..and to say FM so quick...but I think some of my sx are FM....I dont not agree..but I will seea rheumotologist..soon...and make sure that and just see what they say with my list of sx....thanks,sarah
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    In my long journey with Fibro, I have seen many different types of Dr's. I have seen my PCP (Family doc), 2 Rheumatologists (one was excellent, one was absolutely useless), 2 Pain specialists (one did injections & meds; the other tried MANY meds), an Osteopath, an Internal Med Dr. who specializes in treating FM/ CFIDS with herbs & supplements, a hospital/ University-based, large Pain Clinic (NOT much help), and most recently a Neurologist who specializes in Pain Management. This Neurologist is great! He is SO compassionate, personable, and knowledgeable about our DD's. He works with a Compounding Pharmacy & knows all about treating hormonal imbalances.He also prescribes "regular" meds, such as muscle relaxers, etc. & provides several types of other non-invasive treatments. He does injections too. He offerred me participation in their Neurobehavioral Pain classes. At my last visit, he even gave me a list of recommended natural supps to take for corresponding symptoms & diseases/ conditions. Pretty impressive, huh?!

    I really think the key to getting an accurate diagnosis & decent treatment is simply finding a Dr. who is up on the latest info re: our DD's. It really doesn't matter what type of Dr. they are, in my opinion. Getting a recommendation from other FMers is helpful. Try going to this site's DR. Referral section. Call your local support group leaders to find out who in your area is the top Dr(s).

    As prickles said, we really DO have brain chemical imbalances. The research on FM now points to a Central Nervous System disorder. As time goes on, I expect to see less of us going to Rheumies & more going to Neurologists or FM-friendly Pain specialists.

    Good luck in your quest to find a good Dr., Sarah.

    Blessings & Hugs,
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