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    Hi, Thanks for the reply. I probably should have given a bit more info, have had Scoliosis since age 14 with intermitent Chiro Care since then , been in 3 wrecks ( one in which a PU. landed on me )and L4 disk surgery 25 yrs ago ( disk shattered and migrated, cutting into nerves along spine, involving right leg ). I'm fortunate to still have feeling in the leg or so I was told by surgeon.

    I did expect to have some discomfort after having the intial treatment as that has been the case bf.

    Now to the question: Is it common for the muscles in my back to feel almost numb? They stay hard most of the time.
    Also,could something in the spine ( abt behind the stomach area ) cause hard pains and gas in the stomach ). I do have IBS. Let my husband rub my back, thinking it might help and this started immediately after.

    The Chiro ask several times if the treatment hurt, it did not at the time given. Is worse at night but today is better, however I am concerned abt. having more treatment.

    Would the damage done by the wrecks be showing up more as I get older?

    Thanks again for your insight and comments.
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    bumping for Ralph

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