Another question.Which Dr has helped most

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  1. mrpain

    mrpain New Member

    My reasoning for asking this question is this...
    In my journey thru this illness over the last 3 decades, I have been to see quite a few doctors.

    My primary physician does what he can but it is mostly trial and error.
    My sleep doctor sent me to a sports doctor who wanted to put me on an extensive exercise program.....(R U KIDDING)

    The surgeon said I had no broken bones..(Well duh!)
    The neurosurgeon did a little squeeze test and had me walk across the room on my tip-toes and said I looked fine.. He was going mostly on my weight & height and age at that time of my life. (Wow, that really tells him a lot, huh)

    The therapy I had was mainly for the pain in my back, neck, & shoulders, and that went no-where....
    And the list of doctors go on & on but with about the same type of results... So which doctor do ya'll see that helps the most and which doctor as a male in my fifties, should I try to go see?? Or should I just continue to experiment on my own?? Thanks in advance!
  2. kiga

    kiga New Member

    I to am lost on which way to turn...
    Am switching my primary care to a internist (internal medicine)
    I see a rheumatoligist,a pain specialist, the pain spec. does help me with pain meds that "help me to function " not a cure but it gives me a bit of my life back.
    Physcologist, a great guy that really listens and trys to help me or find something that may help.
    Really had to dr. shop over the past two years, moving across country didn't help. But I am happy to have drs. that are trying and willing to try something different if I ask about something I read or heard about.
    Good luck to you !

  3. Cinlou

    Cinlou New Member


    Thirty years of seeing doctors, wow! To be honest I really do not know what doctor has helped the most....I think my PM doc has been a great help with the nerve problems and PCP has helped by not being afraid of referring to specialist....

    I really like my chiropractor, he has been a great help with keeping my head on straight. I am not joking, my atlas would be out of alignment and he would put it back. It took a long time to get the atlas to stay in place. Every now and then I get the awful headache over my left eye, and sure enough my head is off again. He can fix it every time.....

    It is hard to really know just who helps the most having so many problems. Good question......I will be watching the replies.
    I think it is all an experiment with these doctors anyway, after all they give you one med, if it doesn't they try another....lab rats we are!
  4. bewell4

    bewell4 New Member

    yeah, that is so funny (not). i pretty much had the same thing. i was so reactive, i couldn't say anything. i was carrying around my 30 lb child at the time, constantly running after him and catering to all his needs (he was a toddler)...completely exhausted and with extreme back (etc) pain. i wish i could list which docs have worked, but so far i just have a big ol list of whines about those that haven't. but, to be fair, i only realized fibro about 6 months ago, and that's not long in fibro-time (Lol! with the exhaustion & brain fog etc). i have only had my first and only appt with a "specialist". don't get me going on that...
    better luck to you! hope you get some good responses.
    i do want to add "one" thing. i have read about people really feeling supported and getting good help from their docs. apparently there are some good ones out there! it just takes wading through the weeds. um, i mixed up the metaphor, but hopefully you get what i'm trying to say! or, who knows? you could luck out on the first try! tho, having said that, i do think there are specific stumbling blocks to look out for...
    i wish there was some kind of organized list (maybe a book?! or a printable page) of all the goofy or harmful things (that docs say to us) to watch out for, and a few good responses. like, when my doc said no pain meds would work for me, i just stood there fuming. i was too defeated and upset to respond. same with the exercise comment, and the antidepressant speech. . . hey, anyone got a list??!
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  5. bewell4

    bewell4 New Member

    ok, i just re-read your question and i have more to add. you should not have gone through that!! i feel a lot of sympathy for doctor's, actually...they just are ignorant in many cases. that doesn't soothe the pain you must have felt at being given such c*(& advice, or other types of non-help! i am outraged on your behalf! aargh. i can't think about this much cuz i still just go around in circles, getting myself more worked up.

    now, on the other hand, i thought i would point out...maybe**? one of the good things about looking for a doc now, is that more of them than ever know about fibro. it seems like you will have a much better chance least, i keep telling *myself that!
  6. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    BEWELL4 there is a list.....long and fuuny and sad at same time.....of what Drs. has said.....but I am not finding it.
    Someone here will remember and post it so keep an eye out for it.

    Mr. Pain I also have been to so many Drs. I do not begin to remember all and all the tests I've had. I was determinded to find answers.
    Actually the one that has helped the most is a Rheumy. But it is also that he car4es and he tries to help. Still in misery, but he helps.

    P.S. going on 20 yrs. for me.......see why I forget! LOL[This Message was Edited on 02/19/2007]
  7. momof471

    momof471 New Member

    My Rheumatologist has been aGodsend to me. He's done quite a bit of research and fibro so he is very knowledgeable about it. He doesn't know all the answers and openly admits that. I see him about every six weeks. I get Elavil for sleep, just started Xanax XR for anxiety effecting heart. I can't take narcotics or anti inflammatories or many of the other pain meds. I get injections in my elbow and chest every so often. The best thing he does for me is to understand what I'm going through and give my moral a boost when I'm in there to see him. Very few people around me understand this illness, so that means alot to me to have a doctor that says, Hey, I know its bad, but hang in there, I'm not going to let you hit bottom. He's perceptive and last time I was in there he said this without me having to say a word. It meant the world to me, that he understands. That's the kind of doctor's we all need!

    God Bless
  8. Daisys

    Daisys Member

    How I found a very helpful doctor: I went to Dr. Teitelbaum's site and looked under practitioners for my area.

    Those who study the Teitelbaum protocol get their name in there. That means they at least believe in the illness, and the Teitelbaum protocol has a very extensive list of treatments. They concentrate on 4 main issues: Sleep, hormonal support, infection, and nutrition. They address pain issues as needed.

    The doctor I found is an integrative physician, and my insurance covers him. He thinks like a Naturopath, but uses prescription drugs also. He has some supplements in his office, but doesn't push them. He's respectful and responsive to what I bring up, both my symptoms, and research/treatments that I want to discuss.

    The ideal doctor, yes?
  9. LouiseK

    LouiseK New Member

    Any chance this wonderful doctor is in the Los Angeles area??
  10. Daisys

    Daisys Member

    Actually, the doctor I've been going to is moving to Berkley to join with the Dr. that teaches acupuncture. His partner has agreed to take me as a patient, even tho he's no longer accepting new patients--whew!

    I went back to Vitality101 to see how to find a doctor the way I did before, and things are changed. I went to practitioners, click, and then the state, click, and then, instead of a list of drs.--the change--there's another category to click on: which specialty of doctor you want. So things have gotten more complicated. I still recommend going to that site and checking out the names in your area who have completed the workshop with Dr. T. It's a good starting point, because to take that course means they believe in the illness, and they learn quite a bit about how to go about managing it.

    Or, go with Jam's post! It looks like a good lead.

    Hope you find a good one!
  11. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    For me it was a physical medicine specialist who also is a pain management specialist.

    I don't think the specialty matters as much as the doctors knowlege of the illness and their willingness to work with the patient.

    Our search is often limited by our geographical area, money and simply having the energy to continue the quest.

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