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    Good evening everyone and thanks for taking the time to listen. I am so scared and fed up with these doctors. I have been having this lower rib pain for about 8 months now with no relief in site. I have done numerous tests...upper gi, barium enema, abnomonal ultrasound, chest, rib and abnomen x-rays, tons of blood work and tommorrow I am doing a HIDA scan. I am just so upset with this pain. It has be pretty much non-stop for a long, long time and all my test so far have been normal, so it is assumed that it is another fm symptom. I have no vomitting, nausea or any additional symptoms just this nagging, burning intense pain. My stomach specialist doesn't seem to think it's my stomach but has scheduled for an endoscopy just to be on the safe side..test is in October. In a way I hope it's my gallbladder(stones) so I can have peace of mind. I also have tons of gas. My question is, does anyone have extreme lower rib pain with everything else being ruled out. How long have you had this pain and does it eventually get better. Also, any suggestions or reccomendations would be greatly appreciated. I am so depressed and it is very hard for me to rest because I have a 2 and 4 year old. It takes alot out of me to get through a day with this pain. My husband can't stand seeing me like this anymore. Please help. You are all a great bunch and don't know where I'd be without your help and comfort. God bless. Tes
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    You need to quit all caffiene, sodas, chocolate. This alone helped my stomach pain greatly. I was on prilosec for quite a while & then on nexium. If you don't have those yet you may want to try pepto bismal to start- that is all I use now. Good luck!
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    then removing fats and fatty foods will help you, as will eating light meals. I just had mine out and lived on rice, occasional sushi, and cereals with skim milk for about 2 months.

    Gallbladder won't cause ribcage pain on BOTH sides, only the right. Your gallbladder is attached to your liver, which is tucked up under your lower right ribs in front. It can cause pain there or in your back on the right, all the way up under your shoulderblade.

    A malfunctioning gallbladder can cause your stomach to go haywire because they share a nervous system -- if your gallbladder is sending out inflammatory messages, then your stomach can easily become inflamed and upset. Also, if you are releasing too much bile, then you will have diarrhea, gas, bloating. Finally, if you have a blockage of both the gallbladder and pancreas, which can be caused by the passage of a small stone into a blocking position beyond the pancreas, then this can be very serious.

    I don't know what a HIDA scan is. My gallstones were diagnosed via ultrasound. They were very large and showed up easily, but smaller ones (which are of much greater concern due to pancreas implications) may be more difficult to find.

    BTW, I often get very bad rib pain due to my ribs getting "stuck." I have reactive arthritis, and the outsides of my bones are inflamed. That, coupled with my FM, causes muscle constrictions that stick up my ribs and it really does hurt. My physical therapist fixes that for me, as I assume a chiropractor could as well.

    Tes, I'll keep you in my prayers. I can tell you're hurting and scared. Trust that all will be well.