Another rock and a hard place

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  1. Yesh

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    For those of you who do not know, my son has had a thought disorder for almost two and has been in and out of the psych hospital quite often and has not worked in almost two years. Two months ago he was diagnoised with Schizophrenia.

    Since I am receiving Social Security and cannot afford to pay these hospital bills, his doctors told me to apply for Social Security for him, which I did.

    When we had our first meeting with the Social Security people to go over the application, the lady looked at our income, which was only my Social Security payment, and sent us to the Department of Social Services because my son was now eligable for all sorts of benefits because I applied for Social Security benefits for him.

    This lady was right, he received all sorts of benefits, and so did I.

    Two weeks ago I received a notice my son's Social Security was approved, then today I get a notice he was denied because of his income and living arrangements.

    Talk about confusing, it turns out my son was approved for Social Security disability; therefore he was not eligible for SSI.

    Here comes the rock and the hard place.

    My son and I were approved for all the benefits form the Department of Social Services on the hopes that he would receive the SSI and not the SSD, so according to the Department of Social Services I have to appeal the decision or loose all the benefits my son and I have. Also, SSI is based on the family income and because I used my ticket to work, I have to go out and look for work. In this case my son will loose his benefits and SSI, and I will be stuck paying for his medical care. And, if I find I can't do the work and have to quit, I will have to start from square one again. Oh yeah, inorder for my son to receive SSI, I have to kick him out of the house.

    If we accept the SSD and do not appeal the SSI decision my son will not receive the benefits from the Department of Social Services, and I will have to pay for all his medical treatment until he is able to receive Medicare, which I believe is 6 months down the line. Also, he will not have the housekeepe, the nurse, food stamps, leap, discounted phone service, Etc.,thus, when I do go to work, I will have to pay for everything myself ontop of his medical treatment. I will be lucky if I have two cents to rub together.

    God Forgive me, but I am as angry as heck! I try to do the right thing and every time I turn around I feel like I am getting another slap in the face. I did not ask to be disabled nor did I ask for a sick kid.

    God said he would not give us more than we can handle, well this rope is on its last thread. As a matter of fact, I asked the nurse handling my son's case at the psych hospital to commit me because I needed a vacation from life.
    She wouldn't do it.

    God Bless

  2. Montysmum

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    I am so sorry to hear of your problems. I wish I could help but I too know nothing of these things. I will pray God will be with you during this time, He alone knows what it is all about, so I hope He will reveal it to you real soon.
    My prayers are going up for you.
  3. Yesh

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    Today the Department of Social Services called and told me I did not have the appeal the SSI decision. better than that, my son will not lose his Medicaid and other benefits.

    Thanks for your prayers, they gave me such peace.

    God Bless

  4. NewEnglander

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    I wicked understand what you are saying.
    I am putting you in God's hands because he can make the crooked places straight in all circumstances.
    this is not to big or complicated for him at all.
    luv lisa
  5. grge

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    I agree with Lisa nothing is too hard or complicated for God.
    I am praying for you and your son.
    I am praying for finacial freedom and serenity in your life.
  6. Yesh

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    Thank you all for your prayers. Although my son was not approved for SSI he was approved for SSD, which from my understanding is better because his payments are not based on my income. Also, my son will not have to give up his Medicaid as long as he needs assistance in the home.

    In other words, if I do by chance find a job, my son's SS benefits will not change, and Medicaid will provide a house keeper, nurse, and personal care aid for my son.

    All I need to do now is find a job.

    Thanks again for the prayers

    God Bless