another serious warning about calcium

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    While calcium supplementation is promoted for bone disease, eg osteoporosis it is increasingly shown to be quite damaging to the cardiovascular system. If you take calcium then it is important to take vitamin D and magnesium. If you take vitamin d you will not need more than 400-500mg calcium supplement per day even if you at risk for osteoporosis, even less if you do drink >300ml milk daily.

    Similarly it is vital to keep your calcium to magnesium ratio low, so if you take 400mg calcium daily then you should be taking at least 200mg magnesium daily.
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    check this out, but couldn't pull it up....any other way to see this?

    I'd like to send this to my "integrative rheumy" as she is forever telling me to take 1200-1500mg calcium....I won't do that... I take 500mg food based calcium every day, some times every other day....and magnesium to bowel tolerance....and 4-5K D3 with K2 added....daily usually.
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    Kale has calcium and magnesium....and a ton of other stuff. Terrific veggie! Thanks for the info, Ian.
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    I think over the years there has been a little bit too much focus on calcium for bone health. It is pretty easy to get a lot of calcium in the diet.

    There are other importants vitamins and minerals involved in bone formation and maintanence. Strontium, Boron, Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Selenium, and Zinc are very important.

    There are also many phytochemicals, other nutrient molecules, and certain fats found in foods that have been associated with better bone health.

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    Go here first then choose the first item on the list:

    More than 400 mg of Calcium supplements caused cardiovascular deaths in men - Feb 2013

    While this is for men, if I were a woman I too would be just as cautious and anyway we do know that if you take vitamin D >2000IU daily you need only around 500mg calcium supplementation.

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    to check it out again.

    I've always been wary of too much calcium intake and
    some yrs ago I was given a booklet on the calcium to mag ratio and it was very informative....

    I buy Rainbow Light food based calcium tabs, they are the
    not rock hard tabs sold by so many out there....and they are
    500mg per tab and most days I take 1 with my mag and Vit D,,,,

    So many docs just don't know and there is so much info
    they don't read, etc....thanks jam
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    Ian, thanks for the info. I'm afraid this is something I've been ignoring for awhile and will no longer!

    Jam, my doctor has me taking a rather high amount of calcium and I'm going to switch to the Rainbow Light product on your recommendation. It looks very good.

    I've been taking a lot of magnesium for many years but a lot of calcium too ---

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    product is the BEST i've ever found and I've tried many. It even has 800IU D3 in one know that.

    Corretion here: I was reading the label from RL Womens One Day Multi
    I take it too.

    On the Calcium, I take their Food Based Calcium, 500mg Cal and 500 D3, no K.... it also has Stinging Nettle, Horsetail, Spirullena and HCI in the mix.[This Message was Edited on 02/06/2013]
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    More info here :

    jam - please clarify, 800mg D3 is incorrect.
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    800 IU of D3 in each also has 100mcg of K, they don't say but I believe it's K1....K needs to be taken with D3 for best absorption.

    This product is called Women's One Calcium by rainbow light.

    You can check it online and see the list of ingredients.
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    Dr. Teitelbaum's new book, Real Cause, Real Cures.... talks about the issues of Calcium supplementing and the latest research. Most of us get enough Calcium in our diets through dairy and veggies. I was surprised by some of the research since we have heard for so many years we need to take Calcium for our bones. Dr. T.'s new book is a good read and reference book on body health and needs.
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    While this study didn't find the association for women, previous re-analysis of the WHI study by Dr. Mark Bolland (University of Auckland NZ) found such a relationship. This study suggested that people who take vitamin D must not take calcium greater than supplied by diet alone. Or, I suggest, no more than 400mg for bone-at-risk people.

    Anyone taking greater amounts of prescribed calcium but who take vitamin D privately should resolve this issue with their doctor.
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    was "pushing" for me to take more calcium and I was pushing back with my resistance on that one...

    I need to take some of these inputs and send them to her...she is good for a lot of things alternative, but she sure
    isn't up on all the latest....thanks to you all for inputs. jam
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    bridge friend I see weekly and she was "forced" by her
    conventional MD's to have her thyroid removed for the nodules, turned out they were calcium nodules from yrs
    of sucking on Tums which her conventional MD said was
    a good source of no...

    So many people and MD's are so uninformed....
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    saw our mutual Integrative MD and she asked about the
    calcium and our MD said new findings are telling us
    800mg elemental cal including foods in this 800mg.

    And of course the Vit D3...and Magnesium...

    These 3 are critical but not so much cal as MD's have
    been pushing....jam
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    Told me to stop taking my calcium supplement. It is also implicated in some cancers.

    Love, Mikie