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    Most weekends during the summer I travel to the coast, i spend a lot of time in 2nd hand bookshops searching for answers, last year I came across a small book on ME written by a doctor with ME, his struggle was so similar to mine,that I felt the urge to try & find him, I noticed that the publishers address was in the book & amazingly it wasn't far away, i asked my husband if we could try to find the publisher & then maybe they could tell me where the author was, it was just a small town & we looked around areas of local business & asked people if they new of a local publisher, no luck, after all the book was published in 1995, so the publisher may no longer exist, still my husband said he would try the information bureau, they new of the street, but not a publisher, we found the street, there were no business signs, it was just a residential street,i decided I would knock on someones door & ask it they new of a publisher, my husband thinking I was mad, said he'd wait in the van, i knocked on a door & a man answered,I asked him about the publisher, he asked why did i want to know & i explained about the book & wanting to speak to the author - he said 'I am the author'!!! he told me how ME had changed him for the better & about an intense religious experience that had given him the strength he needed to recover, he signed my book & he wrote a web address in the book, & he told me the answers were in the bible, I have not contacted him since but he invited me back if I ever needed his help. The question - have any of you seen this website, what do you think, is it another 'cult'?
    By the way I do recommend his book for any new comers, it's nice to know a doctor who recognises what we are going through.
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    A quote from the above mentioned book
    'Your illness is rather like wrapping paper, enclosing a gift. The more you have to fight to undo the paper, the more valuable the gift will be.This is not a physical gift, but a spiritual one.The value of the gift will depend upon the amount of effort you expend in trying to help yourself. God helps those who help themselves.'
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    What an interesting coincidence. When you are open spiritually you may have many stange experiences and coincidences but not all of them are from God. The spiritual kingdom is composed of both a good God and his angels and also an evil devil and demons.

    You will have to examine what he shared with you and what the website says. I could not find it. I looked up bigfoot but only found a communications company. Then I looked up apologetics index which is an org. I could not find bigfoot there. So I'm not familiar with the website he gave you. You may want to check out apologetics and apologeticsindex because they give you lots of answers.

    My Dad who is Roman Catholic and doesn't generally believe in much spiritual activity in our lives told me a story once about an aunt of his who opened the door to a handsome salesman. I don't remember the specifics of the encounter but as he walked away she noticed that he had "hoofs" rather than feet. My Dad poo-poo's most stories so this must have really had an effect on his aunt and on him.

    My Dad was also very ill and on his death bed as a child in the 1930's. He could not even roll on the bed b/c he was so ill. A traveling priest who was known to have the gift of healing came and prayed for hours at my father's bedside. When he walked away, he left the bedrailing down b/c my father had not been able to move and my dad rolled out of the bed and fell on the floor. He got up and he was healed. It's funny that he was healed as a child b/c now he doesn't buy all this healing stuff that goes on with people. I remind him that God healed him as an infant and then he gets quiet.

    I have had a number of unusual experiences in my Christian walk also..some from God and some not. Most of the time my walk with God is uneventful but sometimes I see his hand actively at work in my life...I like to call it the footprints of the Holy Spirit:) I'm too exhausted to share more right now. I have experienced healing in my life a couple times and have also experienced tremendous peace in the midst of terrible things (like being stalked by a man, etc). I know that God is with me and that he holds me in his hand. I have experienced his great love and power in my life. Keep seeking God and you will find him:)

    Have a great day:) Monkeykat
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    'god helps those who help themselves' is not a scriptural concept or teaching. it is a deceptive way of looking at life.

    now, the book may be great, but that line stood out to me.

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    this is definately not orthodox christianity, and says as much.

    i'd steer clear until you know what you believe.
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    I thought something wasn't quite right here, that's why I never contacted the author again, I do not feel comfortable with the Jehovahs Witnessess either, although they have been of some help & are very kind, I will keep looking until I am 100% sure.I will ask God for guidance.
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    the truth is out there. :)
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    Keep searching and praying...!
    Love and God bless, Shelbo