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    Well all, I had my very first mammogram today. It wasn't as bad as I've heard people say. The place I went was really nice, with VERY nice staff, and that's the most important thing for me anymore when I go for something.
    I'm just praying and praying nothing turns up on the results. I have no reason to think otherwise--no history of breast cancer in my family, and my doctor or I haven't found anything to wonder about during breast exams.

    I guess there's just a little part of me that thinks something will show up that will prompt further action because of everything else I've gone through this past year or so. Especially the melanoma issue. So worried, now.

    Oh yeah, and I go back to my dermatologist at the end of this month to have 3 MORE suspicious spots removed. UGH! No more better come back melanoma or it's going to just about kill my positive spirit I'm trying to keep up!

    So, do you all know what I mean about having routine tests done and expecting them to come back abnormal? Does everyone else do this too?


    Well, I get a call from my gyno's office yesterday saying I need to go back next week to get another mammo and ultrasound on my left breast.
    So, Kind of freaking out about all this BS. I don't want to have to deal with anymore frickin health issues!
    My sister did tell me that she's had to go back because the equipment used is so sensitive and picks up everything, and most of the time there's nothing there, and nothing to worry about. I just don't want to have to wait 5 or more days to get it done again, and then wait longer to find out what's going on.
    I was praying and praying that it would all come back normal and I wouldn't have to deal with it for another year or so.

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    Hi Lori - I think all of us woman are scared when it comes to mammograms. Even when they do find something, in most cases it turns out to be a benign lump. I've only had one done, a few years ago, and am not sure if I would go back for another one. More and more studies are showing that having yearly mammograms does not significantly reduce the death rate for breast cancer, and also, the radiation from the mammogram also increases your risk of cancer.

    I have hundreds of moles, and after having had 9 moles removed a few years ago, I'd guess that I probably had at least 50 more that should be removed. I've decided to just watch them and if I notice any changes, then get it checked out. Waiting for the biopsy results the last time was too stressful.

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    I know what you mean about waiting for the biopsy results! It drives me crazy.
    I lost count of how many I've had removed, now.
    My dermatologist wants me to come every 3 months now since the melanoma was found in January. Then I can go to every 6 months, then every year, etc.
    I'll follow her advice, and she's really good about asking me if there are any that concern ME. This time there are 2 that concern me, and she thinks they're nothing, but she's going to have them sent in just to be sure. There's only 1 that she didn't like the looks of.
    So, for now, I'll just stick with it!
    Thanks for your reply!
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    Have any of you had to go through all this nerve-racking stuff?