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    Dear Mikey,

    Thank you for more information.

    How are you doing wth your symptoms?

    I tried Doxycycline for 6 weeks but it did nothing for me. Zithromax for two months did better and cleared up my small intestine infection. But Cipro worked the best. I was almost completely without joint pain. I only stopped it because of the earlier statement in a previous message that it could cause a person to become a gut cripple, which you so kindly replied to.

    I'm looking forward to gettng back on Cipro. Of course, I'm doing all the other things in Dr. Cheney's protocol, including one growth hormone shot per week (since I'm 57 years old.) And I'm also doing blood ultraviolet irradiation and Vitamin C infusions. I feel like a normal person when I leave my doctors' office after these treatments,and the effects usually last a few days and seem to be cumulative.

    I started out very sick, and my doctor always introduces me to a new nurse or doctor as "the worst case of CFIDS that he has ever seen" I asked him not to do that as it was bad bedside manner. and then he proceeded to introduce me to the next doctor with a big hug as "the worst case of CFIDS I've ever seen"

    Anyway, I'm telling you this becausee I have made progress and I continue to get well very slowly with occassional relapses, and am quite hopeful for a full recovery, despite the fact that I was ill so long before any one recognized that I was really sick.

    But it takes a lot of work, and I've had to do a lot of the research on my own....Then I bring in articles by Dr. Cheney or Prof Nicholson and my doctors are willing to go wtih it.

    I hope we will both recover 100%!

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    Wow, you really are a pioneer, and I am so glad that what you are doing is working for you. I have both CFS and FMS and the CFS is by far the more debilitating.

    Your docs sound wonderful; most will not try cutting-edge things. I am lucky that my doc is like this too.

    BTW, today is day six off the Doxy and again, no sign of symptoms other than a little fatigue. I expected that as my immune system has to take over now. It's probably gotten lazy, letting the Doxy do the work :)

    Take care and keep us updated as to how you are doing. I love success stories here. It gives hope to our members that it is possible to heal. Thanks so much for sharing and also for you kind words.

    Love, Mikie