Another tip on finding a good Fibro doc

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Tibbiecow, Apr 9, 2003.

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    Since I don't have insurance and I don't want to pay for someone to fill my ear with crap and then bill me for it...

    Try calling a prospective doctor's office and explaining that you would like to speak with the nurse regarding making an appointment. Tell her you have no insurance and want to be sure that you would like to be compatible with the doctor and if possible interview him/her first. (They actually let me do this, believe it or not!) The nurse will know if the doctor treats fibromyalgia and will probably give away what general types of medications, ie antidepressants, sleep medications, pain management. Tell her you are not a drug seeker and want some solutions to broader problems, ie massage therapy etc and how many fibro patients does he have. They made me an appointment and said come to the appointment and if you don't like the doctor, we will tear up the bill sheet. Anyway, a doctor's nurse knows what the doctor treats his patients with and you should get a good feel from that without having to spend time waiting for an appointment and then spending money on a lousy appointment.
    I also liked the idea of going to local fibro support groups and asking about local doctors.
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    Even for people with insurance, that was good advice..saves a lot of time and energy.

    I for one don't like docs..or pills...been on too many medical merry-go-rounds!!!!

    And I like your idea of alternative medicine/therapy...

    I feel for the doc's too...they are, after all, stuck in the same cycle as the patients... if there is no cure or new information to offer...then how can they offer a patient seeking help, anything new??

    I think a support group is a wonderful idea...I also think a personal therapist is a great idea if a group situation doesn't appeal to someone. Having someone to talk to about the hardships of a chronic illness is a wonderful thing...doctors no longer have the time (thanks to HMO's) to deal with this, no matter how great a bed-side manner they possess.

    Anyways...great advice!


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    Good advice, but I really wish I would have seen this 2 weeks ago. Would definitely have saved me $370 and the worst appt I ever had yesterday (see my post yesterday)!!! Boy, it was a nightmare. Bumping.
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    Just want lots of people to see this. I too have been to doctors appointments and cried. And paid them for it. No fun.
    I was so nervous when I finally was able to get in to see my new doc , who does guai with Dr. St. Amand, who is local to me! He takes no new patients. I jumped through hoops to see this guy and I was so afraid they were giong to decide not to see me after all that i had gone through to get in there that when i got htere my blood pressure was soooo high. (Its normally really low.)
    I couldnd't believe it as he really listened to me and wanted me to describe my pain and BELIEVED in my pain and FOUND my pain (my deposits) ! Then we went over sleep problems, depression problems, pain, (he gave me ultracet) and guaifenesin. He made sure that I REALLY understood the guai protocol and that I could call the really nice nurse with any questions. Later visits fine tuned the meds until we found a better one to help me sleep. As it turns out, I believe his wife has fibro.
    I left crying with relief.
    I almost always hug this guy when I leave his office.
    My advice to any of you,
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    I want other people to have as good a doc as this but now I understand why he doesn't take new fibro patients. He's just too busy. It's REALLY hard to get a word in edgewise for help unless its really an emergency, the nurses sometimes don't get to calling you back until the next day. And he doesn't work fridays at all, so he can have a life and dedicate himself mon thru thursday. Maybe this will change since he just got a PA for an assistant, I hope so. But I will insist on seeing him and not his PA. But I will definitely send people to his PA, anyway.