another trip to the hospital no explanation....

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    Hey all,

    I had to post this occurence I had tonight to see if its happened to any one else before.

    I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but have been doing really great. 8 weeks ago I totally changed the way I eat, and I started taking ametripteline again and I have been pain free, and so ofcourse, I have been out doing stuff! Skiing mostly. I was also able to start taking aquafitness and doing yoga. Its been great.

    Finally this past weekend i got to go to an event I have been cancelling on my friends for each time since I was dealing with such pain, the ski weekend! We had a blast. I didnt overdue anything, so I thought.. but heres what happened.

    After about 5 runs on the hill skiing I ended up not quite getting off the chair lift fast enough and totally whipped out. I was quite disoriented and took me awhile to get my bearings before heading down the hill. Which I did, but didnt feel i could ski anymore. But I was relatively fine.

    we went in the car, dropped off a friend got out of the car and back in, I was fine. When my friend started driving again, I suddenly felt really sick. Nausea. As if I had drank so much that the motion was causing me to be sick, but i only had one drink, the night before, not that day. Suddenly my symptom increased to the point that I felt I would be sick, i was really dizzy and my friend had to pull over. I slowly stopped being able to move, my mouth was increadibly dry, i couldnt talk, i couldnt open my eyes, i was freezing, and shaking alot, like inner tremors. The dizzyness was unbearable. We sat for about 20 mins,and i could barely comprehend or respond to my friend, though i could hear everything. My friend said decided to take me to the hospital, i needed emergency care. I had to be carried out of the car, I was completely disoriented, could hardly speak to answer questions, could not hold my head, my body my arms nothing could move by my own will. I think they thought I was a drugged up druggie by the way they treated me. I had taken nothing. I just kept saying help me. They ofcourse assessed my vitals, took some blood, blood pressure those things were fine and warranted me a long wait in the waiting room. I was completely out of it for about 3 - 4 hours. I have never nor do I ever want to experience anything like this again.

    When I was in the car, i figured maybe i had car sickness, the roads were twisty and I have anxiety and it was a stressful weekend as my friend brought her young son along who, being young, never stopped demanding constant attention. I took a gravol in the car, after 20 mins i took another one since the dizzyness wasnt stopping.

    anyway, by 10pm I was able to open my eyes, move about drink water, I was practivally fine, other that looking like a train wreck by the time the doctor got to me. So he said, well, glad you feeling better, ofcourse since your better now, I wouldnt know what to test for. If it happens again, come back.

    So I have no idea what happened. Scariest ever!!!! and i have no idea why this happened, all of a sudden to just drop like my life was sucked out me, then 4 hours latter, well Im typing this letter.

    I have anxiety, but no anxiety attack last like this ever, I have fibro, but I have experienced fatigue where i couldnt do stuff and suffered with pain and foggy head, where i couldnt even ski or nothing, my fibro pain is back now to, hands swollen, pain through my legs etc. but that was sudden, severe and to loose all mental and physcial function like that... well I dont know...

    share if you have any info of anything!!

    thanks for listening... I hope that never never happens again, or if it does, that I am around really kind helpful people!