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    Thank all of you that gave me your thoughts on my appliances and I do believe against better judgement to go with black. It looks great in the model-you can go to my youtube channel and take a tour- CKBALLL is my channel.

    I don't cook a lot, mostly microwave and will up grade to a glass top stove, that is what I had and I loved it. I have always had white and even avacodo sp? so will chance it.

    Now my advice to all of you- sit down and take the time to do a full inventory of your home even if you are just renting. EVERYONE should have insurance, for renters it is not that much compared to what it will cost you to replace everything down to your toothbrush.

    This has been incrediable task and thank goodness for my pics and video on line, that truly saved me as the ins can not try to jerk me around. Take pics, videos and compile a list of what you have, where you bought it and when and replacement cost.

    I didn't realize how much I had until I started writing, there are 18 lines per page and I already have about 10 pages and still not done as I have to list EVERY book I had as I had about 50 art books, I belonged to a art book club at one time and picked up many at yard, estate sales, ect.

    I also have to list all my art work that was in my house, even tho I painted them, I can claim the value of what it would cost to buy them-I was surprised by that. Thought I could only claim the supplies I used to paint them.

    So I still have a few days work left as I do have to search on line to see what my antiques are worth, most every thing I had were antiques.

    UPDATE your insurance policy to current market value, most people are under insured. If you have exspensive jewerly you need a rider, if you keep cash in the house put it in a fireproof box, just remember that you may have to dig it out of the fire so put it on a outside wall in your house, maybe under your kit or bathroom sink.

    I had mine in my closet on an outside wall and was found. Copy all your info to a cd, dvd, memory stick and put a copy in the bank vault, it costs like $15 a year to have one, or give a copy to your family but have more than one.

    I hope that no on has to ever use to it but I now know better safe than sorry. I am lucky and will get my full insurance amount because I had the pics and videos on line.

    So take the time to do this, we always think "Oh that will never happen to me" I didn't think it would be me but it did.

    Thanks to all of you for being my support group :) it helps knowing you have freinds that understand you and understand if you are mia for awhile. Hopefully once i get my house set up I will have time to be here more often, I really do miss it.

    The ins adjuster is going to speed things up and I should settle in 2-3 weeks, I will order my house the first of next week and it takes 2-3 weeks to get it. I am meeting with a contractor today to clear my land so hopefully be in my house by March 1st.

    Shopping has been fun but exhasusting, so many decisions and I can't find what I want in a living room suite- everything is blah, beige, brown, black-ect. I have a white dog so may go with leather but am waiting for a week or so to make a decision as this will be my last time i will do this.

    Thanks again and hope to be back on a regular basis SOON! Carla

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    Its really cheering to read of how you are managing everything. I too hope you will be able to move into your new home by March. Looking forward to looking at pictures then. Now i will go to your utube and have a look.

    God Bless
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    that things are going so well for you, all things considered. I already looked at your other video so I know what a nice place you will have. Anxious to see your new place once you are in it and have chosen everything that you want.

    Just know that I am thinking about you (as is everydobby else) and Elaine too, even if she is in a completely different situation. Missing you both.

    You are all a part of my (and our) family.

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    I went to your Youtube and checked out your new digs!! Just beautiful and I love the bathroom counter and kitchen cabinets. I am glad you went with the black; I have it, was apprehensive at first, and it turned out to be soo much easier than white. And I love the cooktop too!! You have alot of space there.

    I did view your other Youtube also, surveying your property. How very sad, but your perspective is a strength, a gift, and could definitely help someone else in this situation. You are a very special person.

    I am actually going to make my husband read your post tonight; you have listed so many pointers that I want to discuss with him re our own coverage. He had a car accident several months ago and his car was totalled. We learned the hard way that our policy wasn't up to par; thought we had rental coverage and we in fact did not--it was quietly 'grandfathered' out by the insurance company because we had more than one vehicle registered with them! So even if anybody thinks their policy is okay, a re-review never hurts. And you are right about the riders--they are for jewelry and cameras and other articles of high value.Years ago, my first house was robbed and ransacked (very traumatic) and I lost everything. Thank God we had riders. Nothing can quite replace the sentiment of what I lost, but at least I was financially compensated. So back to my original point--thanks so much for bringing attention to this!

    Carla, I know you are very busy, but of you can, try and post some of the construction of the house on Youtube. It will be very exciting to see the progress.


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    Hugs to you Hon! I don't know how you are surviving, but you are strong for sure!

    A house fire is one of the most devasting things, minus an earthquake. If the fire doesn't ruin all of the stuff and memories and memorabilia and necessities, then the water from putting the fire out damages it. I think there should be far more laws on housing codes and building codes when it comes to electrical things. If only they could make houses more fire resistant, without having the expense to buying or building a brick house. If they could put some more fire retardant on the wood and formations of the houses, and if it was a code violation if they didn't, a lot less fires would cause so much damage...

    Hang in there Hon! We are here for you.

    Fight :)
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    Hi Carla, this is good advice you are passing on with inventory and all. Kind of you to do so.

    Wondering if your new place double wide or modular will have a basement dug for you ?
    I've heard of modular homes having this done, unsure of double wide homes though.

    Looks like a nice home on your youtube. Thanks for sharing so much.

    Just thought i'd pass along the Basement idea for you.
    Good for more space and also tornado shelter too.
    Take care Carla
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    Saw the model on Youtube. Looks very nice. I am amazed at your energy
    and fortitude to cope w/ all this.

    I use to have renters' insurance when I was young. Cost $100 for 3 years.
    Last time I checked it was $4-500 a year now. Of course I live in LA which
    is full of crooks, low lives and other undesirables. The house, the car and
    the garage have all been burglared over the years.

    Last time I had a claim, it was about ten bucks over the deductible. Now I
    just go w/o insurance. Put the money I'd pay for premiums in the bank.

    Does Twyla have sharp claws? I had a lounger that was covered w/ some cheap
    Naugahyde or something. The Shit-Tzus claws ripped it to shreds in a period of
    several months.

    Will the new place be about the same size as the old?

    Good luck

  8. jole

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    Good to hear from you! Thanks for the tips! Boy, do I know what you've been going through. I'd heard to do the inventory quite a few years ago but was always too busy, so about a year ago sat down and started on it. Well, to make a long story short....I got through one! Can't believe how much "stuff" is in one room alone, much less an entire house! You have been one busy little chickie!

    Sending you my love and good wishes, dear friend...............Jole
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    I have been so busy I don't know which end is up- I can't believe it has been 3 weeks tomorrow, time has been flying.

    Let's see -my house is a modula-mannfactured home, it is built inside a factory and delivered in 2 peices, like a double wide. They are really well made and can be mortgaged like a regular house now.

    Don't want a basment, no need for one really, there may be a day I can't do stairs so that takes care of that.

    I will order it this week, I picked out my floors, countertops, ect but still need wallcoverings and wanted to think on that one a bit. I have had no luck with furniture, our town doesn't have a big choice so the home dealer is setting me up with a wholesale warehouse in Huntington, 20- miles away. You have to be a retailer to get in or the retailer can get their customer in so I will do that this week.

    I just ordered my glasses then after that I can sit back and relax a bit. I still have to finish my inventory and hope to finish that tomorrow and get it all sent in on Mon.

    I had to work yesterday and scanned pics of my glassware that I found in books at work, they want proof of current costs. It has been quite a task and is about to do me in, put it will be worth it in the long run.

    Well back to work. thank all of you for your kind words and support, I just want to help others so they don't learn the hard way. I can tell you I will be prepared IF this should ever happen to me again. Take care and will be back when I can- Carla
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    I am so impressed. I don't know how you have done it.

    My dad videotaped the contents of his house. If someone already mentioned this, it's probably worth repeating and has absolutely nothing to do with my brain fog!! :>)

    BTW I am going to get renter's insurance. I had it a long time ago and it was dirt cheap. I just hope it has not gone up like Rock's.

    Take care.


  11. hugs4evry1

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    Thanks for the great advice and for thinking of us all during this. My husband has put in a reminder for himself to get us some insurance on Monday.....(I thought we already had it)

    Sorry I haven't been able to answer the updates, had a very difficult med change and was unable to post for a few weeks.

    I have only one thing to say about leather furniture but there's no real way to say it nicely....unless like me you suffer from a lot of gas......(caused by my Pancreatic Enzyme Insufficiency, my body no longer digests food properly) how do I say this nicely???? For us bubbles up the front if you're sitting on leather furniture.....eww yuck and hope you got a giggle out of it.


  12. sues1

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    I agree on that......but I do love the Butterscotch (Color similar to it) or brownish burgandy...with large nail heads decorating it. These two colors will continue to be "in" forever.

    Wow, just thinking about what is in my home is mind blowing. I give things away often, but still have too much and always trying to reorganize things. Just sitting here looking at my desk and shelves......a lot of things here....
    don't forget printers ink, paper, magic markers, pens, pencils, various clips, note paper, stamps, stapler remover, stapler, letter openers, scotch tape and dispenser, magnify glass, kleenex, address books, computer books and programs, envelopes, stationary, plugs, calenders, cleaning things for computer....I could go on....

    A friend of mine had a terribke house fire. She managed to rescue some casserole dishes and scrubbed them up. When she went to use them they cracked in the oven and food went all over her oven....they had been through excessive heat in the fire and even though it did not show, they were weakened.
    Any old quilts, hand made pillow cases and such ? good luck
  13. fight4acure

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    Hey gal! When you mention how it is delivered in two pieces, it reminds me of what happens when some people, the strangest people, get divorced... as sometimes they will cut their house in two, just to fight over one more thing in their life, before it is completely terminated. It actually happened in the area I lived, and the community laughed, including me of course, but it wasn't funny for the children who had to deal with that non-sense, immaturity from their parents, when the kids should always be put first, and not last. The property was divided up too, and it was a huge farmland area, so about two miles from the original house was the other half of the house, in the middle of the field. Pretty immature and comical, but, again sad for the kids. We laughed because we thought that only happened in bigger, richer cities, and only saw it on happen on TV. Anyway, that come to mind, so I wanted to give you something to chuckle about... but again, don't laugh too hard because those poor kids!

    What? No basement? I guess you're not in the land of tornados, although I know they do come around KY as much as WI. Basements are good for cat litter boxes, lol. Yes, stairs are rough... especially right before bed, and after you first wake up and have to go down them.... and when moving, ugh. I have to move in a few months and I don't know where I'm moving, I'm thinking TN, but not so sure about it tonight... after some thoughts about it, but eventually I'll move there, but steps are horrible!

    As far as furniture, it will be fun to finally get them in! I'm glad you are enjoying this process, yet surviving with all you have lost. I'm so happy for you that you've kept your chin up during these circumstances!

    I'm going to get myself a nice massaging lazyboy someday. My grandmother had one, but when she passed, my mother sold it for money, and wouldn't let me have it, or buy it for cheap.

    Yes, it is quite tasking to figure out the costs of all you have lost. I do have to make an inventory of all of my stuff... which I might add is good to have when you're moving, in case stuff gets stolen or disappears during the process of moving. Which reminds me that when my oldest brother moved to TN for a year, he left all his stuff out in the truck, as he was tired from loading it, then traveling so long, and when he got there he passed out inside his apartment. The next morning it was all gone! I wouldn't have never left it in the truck, no matter how sore I was, or at least I would've stayed up all night or something, to keep an eye on it. Or get someone to move it out for me, which I add is so much easier on ourselves. I hope you take it easy when stuff starts coming in.

    Anytime you need us, we are here for you!

    Fight :)