Another update . . . on Nikki's grandchildren

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    Can't thank y'all enough for all your prayers. God is Good.

    Update: Trial date set 8/6. The only ones to go before the judge were DIL's atty and Ex's atty. DIL's family all came to show support. Ex had no one with him. The judge told Ex's atty Ex would not get custody so drop it. She then proceeded to work out a visitation schedule and child support payment. DIL was not totally happy with the visitation part . . . however, she could live with it. Ex did not like any part and he, therefore, refused to accept it. The judge told Ex's atty to go back and inform his client that she will be the judge hearing the custody suit (and by law, he can have his day in court), but he will not get custody, and he better accept the deal she's offering because it won't get any better. He still refused (he must have slipped and fallen on some of those marbles we know he's lost . . . what else can explain this stupidity?!?) On Fri afternoon, he eventually came around . . . I'm sure his atty was ready to bow out of his case. He wants to "tweek" a little of the wording, but it's our understanding he will sign the papers.

    Hooray . . . no more trips out of town; no more depositions; no more trial dates. He will be paying double the child support he's been paying. The judge forgave about 1/2 the back child support he missed paying plus the interest. DIL said that was fine with her . . . she just wanted this finally settled for the children.

    Of course, nothing's actually been signed as of today. So, prayers are still very welcome. No one could ever, ever convince me that prayers don't work. Miracles happen when we love one another as God loves us. Thank you for being there for all of us.

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    this difficult situation is almost over for all. I pray in the name of Jesus that all necessary papers will be signed and that there will be no further delays. God perfects all the things that concern it and He hasn't let you down at all. Thank You Lord. We will continue to pray until this is completed. Thank you for sharing the Good News.
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    The Lord does answer our prayers. i'm so happy the lord has blessed you.