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    I've had CFS/Fibro for over 10 years. as well, I have a back that deals me fits.
    When I first moved to Alabama, I was referred to a "Pain Management Specialist". After waiting for several weeks, I went to see this guy. The waiting room was horribly filthy, with plastic chairs and notices that "NO call-ins for narcotics would be accepted" Reminded me of a big city methadone clinic. I had to pay $125.00 in advance, no checks, so I had to leave to go to the bank. I waited another hour after I gave them my cash.
    When the doctor came in he focused on giving me knee injections. I reminded him I came for my back and the fibro several times. There was a used syringe on the counter, so I wasn't letting him inject anything!
    He gave me nothing for pain because of my history of depression. I told him I would be less depressed if I wasn't in pain all the time!
    So this Einstein goes to the drug closet and tries to give me samples of Naprosyn. On the front of my new chart and on every page I'd written "ALLERGIC TO NAPROSYN" and circled it.
    I left with no relief and no treatment.
    One week later, I got a bill for over $800. for knee injections. When I called the office to tell them of the error, they said it was written in my chart and I probably forgot about getting them. I assured them I didn't get knee injections. After checking with the doctor, he said I changed my mind after he'd written in the chart! Pretty scary!
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    What a nightmare. Sounds like it's time for a new Pain Management Specialist!

    Have you found a better one since?
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    This is the third doctor horror story I have read in one morning! This is really scary!!
  4. EllenComstock

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    That place sounds awful. You were smart not to let him inject you. These doctor horror stories are really scary, aren't they?

  5. cjcookie

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    wonderful! Don't let this bad experience stop you from finding a "real" pain management doctor.

    I would turn this guy into somebody. I don't know who but he sounds like a total quack. Where in the heck did he get his medical degree?