Anouncing CFS/Fibromyalgia support group in Boise.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ISSGOD, Apr 21, 2009.


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    I am in the preliminary stages of finding a meeting place, getting the word out, setting up a website, and getting meeting materials together. As we approach a date for the first meeting I will post it here. I have talked to other support group organizers and have been warned of solicitors. So in an effort to keep uninvited solicitors from hijacking a meeting, all that wish to attend must be screened and the meeting will be private.

    Solicitors may be allowed from time to time, but they MUST first contact me, and then I will raise the issue to the group and put the solicitors visit up for a vote.

    So if any of you know of a fellow sufferer in the Boise area, let them know that a new CFS/Fibromyalgia support group will be starting God willing by June of this year. (2009) Friends and family will be welcome.

    Please email me at if interested in atending. Website will be up and running next month.

    Hope to see you!

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