Answer to what is parotitis

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    A couple of people asked me what this is. It is an infection of the salivia glands called the parotid glands at the side of your jaw. It is very painful like having the mumps. He says it is caused by TMJ. I am on antibiotics and will be thankful when I can eat again without having+++pain.As I said every day is a new adventure or should I say problem.
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    I am one of the ones who asked. I have an enlarged salivary gland (but it is the sub-maxillary, not the parotid) and my ENT told me it is due to my grinding my teeth all the time, not to my TMJ.
    I've said this before but, go to two docs and you'll get two different dx's, go to three and get three different dx's, go to four and you'll get four different dx's, etc.
    I'm glad you have a way to treat it.
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    Go to:

    Adobe file on parotitis.