ANSWERED PRAYERS...Patience is key, God has plans for all of us!

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    As all of you know I lost my job a few months ago. I have had sleepless nights wprrying and wondering. I have faxed numerous resumes, no responses. Then also being faced with possible up and coming surgery, well, it was really throwing me overboard mentally.

    Well, I recently had an answered prayer and I thank the LORD so much for teaching me patience and finally giving me direction and placing me where he wants me to be...

    3 yrs ago I worked for a special ed school with multiply disabled children. Back then I was going through divorce and really struggling but THAT job taught me SO MUCH especially how to NOT be intimidated by handicapped (physically and mentally) children and people. That specific school was in an old catholic school w/ a church attached to it. It was over an hour ride away from home. Usually Id cry the whole way to work because of leaving my kids in childcare (the littlest always cried her eyes out and clung to my leg it was HORRIBLE), going thru a tough divorce, trying to balance being an "all of a sudden single, full-time working mommy" and keeping my sanity at the same time. Anyway, I spent ALOT of my half hour lunches in the church by myself praying and praying and praying...I didnt even have a clue as to where I was going to live with my 2 really was a humbling time. Then add 9-11 tragedy on top of the stress. Ill never forget that was only a fews days after starting a full time job and I was stressed out to begin the end of the school yr the superintendent of that specific school laid off 30 teachers Aides...I was one of them. I was relieved in a way because the school was moving even farther away from my home and it would have been even more it was a catch 22 with the emotional aspect of losing that job (and I wasnt alone so I didnt feel bad).

    Fast foward to now....

    all of you who have know me in and out of here know the history with my past 2 jobs. I left one that I was at for almost 2 yrs to another taking a cut in pay and then finding out that there was an add placed to fill my position and they were being sneaky by not telling me...I was only there for 2 1/2 months...I gave up the other job which was more money just to be deceived and treated badly (the woman was the bosses wife who was nothing but a rich stuck up conceited B*TCH who looked down on me as white trash!!)> After going thru the anger and praying on it I got over it knowing that deep down it was another lesson learned and a blessing in disguise...So...the past few months I have been praying...and praying and hoping and praying and crying and ...pryaing so more...

    Well, God has answered my prayer and he has put me right where i need to be....

    I just got hired in my town to be a Teachers Aide again for an Autistic little girl being mainstreamed into regular school system. My hours will be exactly the same as our four kids and that also includes snow days(We live in the mountains) the drive is only a hop across town...hubby FINALLY got opprotunity to work day shift now FINALLY our family will be together at night, family dinners, and the stress of being by myself with the four kids will be relieved. It use to be me working morning into afternoon and hubby working afternoon until homework, sports, after school activities, doctor appts, dentist, dinner, showertime and bed was ALL on my shoulders with four kids...belive me, it wore me down ALOT. Now I will be working again, and Ill be right in town and we ALL will finally be together and hubby helping me at night with all that stuff I mentioned becasue his hours are 6:30-3:30 and he will be home at 4 everyday.

    Most of all, I will FINALLY be doign what I really more office job where I will be miserable and sitting on my more ringing phones or stuck up snobs....Ill be active, helping children, and doing what I evebtually want to end up and go back to school to become a teacher for (Special Education Teacher). I write childrens books I think NOW is the time to finally get my manuscripts out and stop being afraid of the failure. I feel so good that I can make an impact in one childs life and I hope I continue thru out the yrs. The best part is that I know alot of the people that work at the school because our children all go to school together so I wont feel like an outsider. I can also get more involved with the community too. SOmething that I have put on hold for a very long time (including night Bible study classes for adults which I couldnt do because hubby was at work and I had kids).

    The way I ended up getting this job was all because I made a phone call for the sake of my step-son and the up and coming school yr to touch base with his case worker (he has learning disabilities and ADHD). AFter talking with the head of social services going over some things about my step-son, we ended up in a discussion about the "system" and also my past experience as a Teachers Aide for a multiply disabled child, etc.and next thing I know I was being offered a job as a Teachers Aide here in my town. The next day I went for the interview (yesterday) and today I am filling out the extensive paperwork involved but worth every minute of it. It wasnt a job that I faxed a resume to that I found in the paper, or thru word of mouth was a job that "fell" into my lap all because I was making sure things were set for my step-son for the new school year. THATS a BLESSING...not a circumstance or good luck...JUST GODS BLESSING in the purest sense!

    I have inner peace knowing that God ants me to do this. THIS is where God wants me to be...this is why I havent gotten return phone calls on office jobs that I have faxed resumes to, etc.I am very excited about the future. I pray to God that my health will hold out.
    I am seeing the Surgeon on Wednesday for my stomach and possible surgery. BUT now that I have this job I will stall the surgery until next summer...that is, if she feels its ok.

    Please say a little prayer for me. I DO appreciate all the prayers that all of you have been saying. I know God has heard every one of them...


    God bless!

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    You are in my prayers Diane. I hope that things continue to work out well for you and that you are guided always.

    God Bless,

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    I'm praising God with you !! Hearing about answered prayers is such a wonderful encouragement. It truly renews our faith and hope.

    I'm praying that everything continues to go well for you and your family.

    Blessings, Judy
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    That's a fascinating and wonderful story! I've been following your posts since you first posted on the chitchat board months ago, so I know all your circumstances. I'm so happy for you! Jo Ellen
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    I love my job. I work with a lot of different kids. I wanted to be a teacher too. I'm so happy for you. The new job will be great- I have a good feeling about for you.

    Lately I've been feeling the need to work at a parochial school, or private Christian school. I'll see where that leads me. I just love the kids I work with, so I'm not sure I could leave them.