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    Hi. I am in the over ten years group, and,yes, I too, have the same symptoms. I am different, though, in 2 ways:
    I do not have a husband, havng been a nun for most of my adult life. I am glad he is there for you.
    And 2, I actually did move into that cabin in the woods, and I love it!
    I have become so hermetic that I find myself driving to the store just so I can see another person, a couple of times a week. Although I love my old and new friends. I raraly want to see them. It is all just too hard to do. I have 2 friends up here and both are very understanding. I see them just enough, and if they call and I can't see them. there is no resentment. God bless them for that!
    Here's hoping that someday you will have the best of both worlds. Take care.
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    You know, one of my fantasies in recent years is being a nun, except I am not Catholic, which creates a slight problem! I thought how nice it would be to devote myself to spiritual growth and withdraw from the material world. I think it's wonderful you have been able to live in a cabin in the woods. What state are you in?
    My imaginary cabin is so real to me that I completely lose consciousness of my reality while I am there. Someday I may go there and never come back! I do have one friend there, a bloodhound named Bruno, who seems to come with the place even though I did not conjure him up when I put it together in my mind. I think he may be a guardian angel in disguise, as dogs often are!
    I am glad you have understanding friends there. I think I would appreciate people more if I were not forced to see so many of them I do not want to see, living in the most densly populated county in Florida.
    Thanks for posting,