Answering Lena's question about Strokes

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    I'm sorry my dear, I don't really have a whole lot of information on it. Yes I have suffered quite a few, but the problem is in the remembering of what happened.

    For the most part, all I do know about these strokes I keep having are very similar to brainfog, but also include migranes and lessoning of strength on one side (or sometimes the other).

    I've had times where I've blacked out, and don't remember what I had just been doing, which is very scary when driving I must say.

    These strokes I've had have also resulted in nerve damage throughout my body, including optical nerve damage in my right eye.

    Another symptom I have when I'm having a major migrane (mini stroke) is a feeling of both cold and hot water running down from the top of my head. For me the hot water runs down my right side, and the cold down the left. Obviously there is no water running anywhere, but it's a sensation that I do have when a migrane turns to a mini-stroke.

    I hope that helps Lena, the biggest problem is that it's incredibly different for each person.

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    I almost forgot to mention that closing my eyes in the shower is also one of the worst things I can do. It makes me incredibly dizzy, I'm not sure if that's a result of the strokes, or of the nerve damage, in which case it probalby is from the strokes, but who knows?
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