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    Lots of people with fms have other illnesses. I have autoimmune diseases, Behcets, Sjogrens, Psoriatic arthritis
    which attack the body as if it were a foreign matter.

    One of the best tests for anyone with fms is the ANA Comprehensive Analysis which is a blood test to see if there are any autoimmune disease,

    FMs has triggers, ie, stress, colds, flu etc.
    Kkkknowledge is your best friend!! Be responsible for your own illness and be very asseertive in the conversaations with the docters.

    Other things are diet... elclude anything white, sugar, pasta. since we do not matabolize well, get a juicer for fruits and vegetables.

    Sleep is essential. No sleep, worse symptoms, so it can escolate your pain to not get proper sleep.

    Our brain does not tell our muscles to relax... so rest and work in ssssmall increments. Try doing things from a chair like cooking as much as possibble.

    Most FMSers are type a personalities so we are the super moms and dads. So be forgiving to yourself as this is not your fault, but managing your illness puts you more in control.

    Your immune system is fragile so watch the bacterias and wash your hands often... remember all those children who have their little mouths on the shopping carts!!

    Find humor, as it is healing and sends the good endorphins!

    Thanks for asking....