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    Thanks everyone for all of your prayers and please continue if you have time to pray for me. I am so pleased and blessed that I am healing and getting a little more mobile day-by-day, which is really good considering it's only been a month since the surgery.

    The little bit of pain I have in my back can be taken care of with an ibuprophen now, however, the stinging, stabbing pain in my thighs is unresolved by any medication so far. During the day it gets to a dull stinging sensation that I've gotten use to, but they all of a sudden it feels like someone stabbed me in the leg with a steak knife and then that's how it feels all during the night. The pain is worse when I'm sitting or laying down. 2 phone calls to the doctor were returned late in the day around 5p.m. by a nurse and both were answered with the standard comment that the symptoms are not unusual during recovery and the doctor will talk with me at my next appointment which THEY pushed back to next Tuesday. They said that they could not call in anything for me for pain or to help me sleep until I saw the Dr. Well, I'm proud that I did not react in anger. I just talked with a friend of mine who is a nurse and just had foot surgery and her dr. gave her Ambien so that she could sleep, but she said she was having no problem sleeping so she gave me the Ambien and taking that for the past 2 nights is how I've gotten any rest at all. She's also a christian and praise God he provided a way for me to have some comfort. I will let you know what happens after Tuesday's doctor's appt.

    Thanks again to all of you who are so faithfully remembering me in your prayers. I have felt so loved and secure from it and love all of you as if I've known you forever.
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    I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

    Love, Pepper
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    to provide you with some much needed sleep. PTL! Answered prayers are the best. I really happy you are getting better and lets us know how your appointment goes.

    Still praying for you,
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    I find it absolutely amazing and discouraging at how patients are treated. Sometimes I think we were better decades ago. I recall being sick and the doctor coming to my house with a black bag that seemed to hold all their tricks. Sometimes it was probably just having the physical presence of the physician in the house that eased the family. Not all medical progress has been good. It is very impersonal and cold. I wish these people would realize a 60 second phone call can ease the heart, soul and pain of a sick person. They have within their power to go back in time and become more than a menu on the telephone. Wishing you well, with less pain, and progress in your recovery.