Anterior Lumbar Fusion,Anyone Had One?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tinaeve, Jan 16, 2006.

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    On Valentines Day I am having this surgery and am getting a little scared. I have 2 discs(L5-S-1)that are now bone to bone causing me awful pain in my lower back and down my leg.I can't stand for any period of time and can no longer do the grocery shopping. Can't walk anywhere without alot of pain,so this surgery is a must for me. But,I have severe Fibromyalgia.I am afraid of how this surgery will affect my Fibro.I will have 2 Surgeons.One to take care of my insides while the Ortho surgeon does the fusion. He will use a titanium plate to fuse. I had almost the same procedure on my neck 4 years ago and have never had a problem,had the same surgeon. But,cutting open my tummy,wow.I have gained 50 pounds in the past 4 years,so that's alot of tummy.
    I guess I just need some hopeful words and prayers from you all here on the boardss. I don't post alot. But have been around for several yearsand read most every post. There have been alot of things that have helped me here. Especially from Mikie. She helped me discover Klonopin and now my restless leg is gone.
    Thank you all so much for just being here