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    so the last year I discoverd that if I take antibiotics before my perio cleaning at the dentist (3x/yr) I do not get into nearly as bad of a flare had never occured to me to take them before the dentist until I learned may have pvo w/heart.
    so I am thinking perhaps its preventing as much bacteria from being released into bloodstream or something so i dont feel as lousy for days afterwards? I used to attribute the flare all to my neck issues so its interesting to learn it may be immune related.
    and I think I actually feel better than normal now after the dentist I think because of the antibiotic-----does anyone scientifically informed know if this deduction could be true and what the mechanism is? makes me wonder if should do a trial of antibiotics longer term, never have for the cfs.
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    Possibly you have an underlying bacterial infection? Borrelia, CPN, Bartonella, etc
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    I think there is something to antibiotics and cfs. Afew years ago when I was feeling rather bad i did 6 months of doxycyline and it helped lift me out of a hole, I found it really good for pain, didnt cure me though but made improvements.

    Last few months have had good success with famvir(antiviral) where now i dont seem to crash and energy is slowly getting better, but went through a stage of increased muscle aches etc. Started taking doxy again and once again it has really helped.

    Its been said that antibiotics have anti-inflammatory effects but i think theres more to it. I think we are just prone to opportunistic infections and thats why people with cfs find improvement but not neccessarily a cure as such.

    There are a few on this board that take antibiotics and antivirals with good success. So i think its safe to say that some cfs people have multiple infections where antibiotics can help. Thats my opinion and i think its fair to trial antibiotics for a 6 month course.

    good luck.
  4. regarding a heart condition (MVP, or another condition), and the dentist, and, I, back at that time researched it, and found articles stating that if you had a heart condition, that you NEEDED to be on anti-biotics before dental procedures.... but, as far as just cleanings... I don't know how that would affect anything, since they don't use any numbing medication, nitrous, etc...

    Oddly enough- or not- I was just recently on Keflex, (500mgs, 4 times a day, for 7 days), before, during, and a couple days after I had a severely infected molar removed... and, to my surprise... I immediately got a sore throat- well, I later read on the net, that when people have had *wisdom* teeth cut out, they often do get sore throats... so... even though mine was not a wisdom tooth, it *was* the very last tooth, on the bottom right...

    But, the soreness continued to get worse, then spread to both sides..... within days hubby & I were on round the clock cold medicine- UGH! lol...

    How I caught a stinkin cold ON anti-biotics- well, honestly, MY body really doesn't surprise me anymore... my neuro & primary doctor have both told me many times, just how *not* normal a 'case' I am... My integrative medicine doctor, and dietician have also said as much.. so... *shrug*..

    Things never cease to amaze me...

    I'm glad anti-b's actually help you not feel so bad... I wish I was back on doxycycline & Valtrex/acyclovir daily, (I was in 05, for 3 mos...)

    I think that everytime I have to take abx for 1-2 weeks, that all it does is "rile" my immune system UP, and cause my stealth infections to attack...

    I've tried to explain that to my dentist, that, I'd *prefer* he put me on the abx longer than 'normal' patients, for that reason, but, he is a... very immature, condescending, child-like, mocking, jerk, a lot of the time... and seems to know next to *nothing*, about physical illness. *sigh*...