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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by blazer, Oct 11, 2006.

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    Just wondering if any of you are doing anti biotics for the cfs/mycoplasmas...along with the transfer factors. I have read some on how people work it out that way. With the slump that I have been going thru, I have been taking amox./doxy/and spacing the transfer factors...Doing this really created strength and sence of well-being in a mater of just hours. Thank God that I just did it! Feeling the slump is slipping away. I felt this way since flying for a long period of time... getting home in this huge slump,icky,sickly feeling...the ol'cfs crap. I'm am coming back after a week of just "hanging in there"...with no brain activity. It even felt like my brain was swelled! So thankful that I'm doing better. Keep it up friends, keep being fighters and learn...You all will get better. I will do mycoplasma tf's in time...just want to get stronger for now. Have a good day everyone. Blazer.
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    So, you are doing better on the amox./doxy instead of herxing like Mikie. hmmm. That is v. interesting. Aren't we all so different and, yes, thank God, that we "just do things" and it works!

    I am in a slump this week. At times doing better because I am back on the TF C. But life is forcing me to live "outside my boundaries" as Dr. Cheney says and I feel that ol' cfs crap.

    Thanks for posting what is going on with you!