Anti-Depressants helpful or not?????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jakeg, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    A question about antidepressants? How many people here are taking them and for what purpose? (Depression versus pain relief.) What kind of results have been achieved?
  2. cczub

    cczub New Member

    My doctor swore I was depressed and gave me both to help me "sleep"... I took them for 2 months with no change in sleep and no "mental" change. Affter 2 months he said to go see a shrink and whn I told him I don't need to he said to stop taking the drugs then.... Great doctor huh??

    If you're not depressed or have anxiety issues I wouldn't take them. Comming off of them can be difficult especially if you didn't need them in the first place.

    I'm now on Lunesta to try to help with sleep and it sorta works...
  3. Risk

    Risk New Member

    Hi. I take Zoloft (just upped my dose to 50mg) and also klonopin 1mg daily. Sometimes I'm not sure if they are doing anything. I'm under alot of emotional stress right now, but I do notice that if I take the meds first thing in the morning, they do help with the horrible aches and pains that the morning brings.

  4. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    at low doses as they can help pain and sleeplessness.

    They kept me wide awake however but did help with the pain. I wasn't depressed.

    I stopped taking them.

  5. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    sleep and stay asleep with no morning grogginess (some DO get groggy with it) but I've tried ALL the others and had NO help from them. So NO antidepressants for me except for sleep.
  6. Angie812

    Angie812 New Member

    I am on Effexor XR 75mg. Been on it for a few months. I have CFIDS, anxiety and depression. I find that it helps mostly with my anxiety. I still have bouts of depression and don't know if my aches are from that or the CFIDS. I used to be on Paxil and that helped with anxiety but not depression. I had Xanax for an "as needed" med. to help with sleep, but I didn't want to get addicted, so I just take OTC med for sleep.

    Everyone has different results from medications, so it is hard to determine how they will affect you without you trying them. Doctors usually start you off on the lowest dose and then you can increase it if needed.

    Hope this helps somewhat.

  7. zerped

    zerped New Member

    After taking amitryptalin for two years, my doctor and I arranged a "med vacation" to see if it was helping at all. I knew it helped make a person sleepy, but didn't think it was doing any other good. Once I had tapered off, I couldn't believe how much difference it was making! It not only helped my sleep, but also chronic pain, and fatigue, cognition and verbal skills and depression.

    My Dr. said that the old-fashioned anti-depressants come in two "types." There's nortryptaline and amitryptaline. If one doesn't work, you try the other. Theoretically ONE of them will give you some benefit. She said that they don't use either med any longer for anything but FM/CFIDS. Evidently the closest thing they have to a test for CFIDS is that if one of these helps a lot, then what you have is CFIDS.

  8. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    My old doc kept insisting that I take them for pain managment and said I'm depressed, I don't think so I just had an eval done by a phycologist no depression noted. I have changed docs and was just curious as to results from the people that are using or have used for FM. I for one will not take them because of all of the negetive effects they have. I was also informed years ago by another phys that if your not depessed you should not take ADs.
  9. ajp

    ajp New Member

    I too have tried numerous anti-depressants, most recently Cymbalta, which seemed to help the pain at first, then seemed to stop working, so I weaned myself off of it. I was still having so much pain and wasn't sleeping either. So what was the sense being on them?
  10. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    Bumping for more info from others
    Thanks for to all who have replied so far
  11. XKathiX

    XKathiX New Member


    I have been on 150 mg. of Zoloft for Depression and 100 mg of trazadone at night for sleep for about 14 years.

    Went off the zoloft after stomach surgery for about 8 months and started to cagey so I went back on them.

    I had never heard of anti depressants for pain until I came on this message board. I had depression before pain, so I guess the antidepressants don't do anything for pain for me.

  12. LittleBluestem

    LittleBluestem New Member

    Be very careful about taking ADs if you have CFS. Many people with CFS react badly to them. Before I knew that I had CFS, I took several with uniformly bad results.
  13. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    Last bump for this info
  14. CASA02

    CASA02 New Member

    I tried lots before my psychiatrist put me on effexor XR - 150mg once a day - I wasn't sure exactly what was helping, I was on so much other stuff - so, I too, tried a "med vacation" - that is when I found out just how much the combination of medications were helping - I had a horrible, unrelenting flare with pain, stiffness, flu-like symptoms - I am now on 150mg effexor, synthroid 75mg, lyrica 150mg, - I also take 800mg ibuprofen, darvacet, ultram for break-thru pain when the aleve and tylenol daily stuff doesn't work - mirapex did absolutely nothing for me - hope this is helpful
  15. dorabella

    dorabella New Member

    are beneficial in the short term - particularly where depression is concerned, but long term useage is not a good idea.

    I took a course of Prothiaden for a year due to depression and found after 3 months that the initial positive effects wore off and I started to have to up the dosage. At this point I decided enough was enough and weaned off them.

    I found Cipramil useful initially with the FM pains, but there again I didn't want to put up with chemical interference in my body's natural rythms.

    Any form of AD is after all, just a chemical panacea for something for which there is no cure (yet) - whether it's depression or FM. But each of us has to get through it as best s/he can.

  16. leomonkey

    leomonkey Member

    Anti-depressants were suggested to me during the first five years of my condition. I did not take them because intutitvely I knew it would make me feel worse. My body was dealing with enough and I am very med sensitive (even before CFID).

    After five years, when I was not able to work even, I went on a trial. I honestly did it more to get my doctor on side. I documented religiously. I felt I needed to confirm to her that this was ineffective that she would be able to move on. It worked in the end at a cost...

    The outcome showed that not only was it not helpful, it was counter-productive. Firstly, I did not require a mood stabilizer. One of my strengths was lifting my spirits up and the meds limited not only the blues but also my ability to generate the positive "hype" I need to in order to survive the days with this devastating condition. Secondly, I found that the meds were also taking a toll on my body... my understanding is that some suppress the immune system which is the opposite of what we want to be achieving.

    Certainly, low dosages should be considered if depression (a common SECONDARY feature) is taking over. Sounds like some people have benefitted. I would proceed with caution.
  17. onnaroll

    onnaroll New Member

    I wound have never started antidepressants if it wasnt for this dd! so in my case I needed them cause the PAIN was so GREAT. But i did'nt notice any great pain relief with them.
    just helped me emotionaly and i did it for my family and myself because ive been on a downroad spirral of PAIN for a long time. right now i wish i was getting these nots rubbed out that i have all over..=) GRRRRRRRRRRR MYOFACIAL PAIN HORRIBLE WITH FIBRO. IT EFFECT ALL MY BACK EXCEPT MY NECK.. KINDA FUNNY IVE HAD NECK PAIN ALL MY LIFE UNTIL much pain sry for venting
  18. Gly

    Gly New Member

    I took Elavil first, for pain and sleep. It worked wonderfully but I was gaining weight while cutting calories and exercising more. I don't think my doctor believed this could happen on 10mg and gave me a bit of a lecture about needing less calories when getting older, etc. Duh! I've been battling with my weight since I was 15 and I'm 50 now. I think I know a bit more than the average doctor about how to control weight.

    Now I'm taking Trazodone. It doesn't affect my weight at all and keeps the full-body flares away. Everyone reacts differently.

    I take it for the pain. I'm not depressed.

    ETA: I forgot to mention that I took Effexor for night sweats, too. It helped a great deal with the pain also, but made the night sweats even worse. In summary, anti-depressants seem to be very effective for my pain even though I'm not depressed.
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  19. dunnlb

    dunnlb New Member

    For me, they were the answer to my prayers. I suffered from anxiety all my life. I only slept a few hours off and on during the night. It was a miserable existence. I was "nervous" and ill-at-ease all the time.

    Since I started taking them, I am able to sleep without the mindracing that kept me awake. It is a whole new existence. I wish I had known they would have helped years before.

    I have no intention of trying to go off them.

    Right now, I am on Cymbalta. Previously, I took Zoloft and Serzone. They do have some side effects at first but nothing really scary, mostly a little dizziness and nausea. It went away in a week or two.
  20. MsE

    MsE New Member

    Antidepressants didn't work for me. However, to keep my mind reasonably clear, an anti-anxiety drug has helped a lot. It is not one I would recommend (ativan) as it is quite addictive, but it beats the strange stuff that was going on before I started using it. I've tried other stuff, but for me this is the only medication that helps without causing really bad side effects.

    I am dependent on it in the same way I'm dependent on my thyroid medication, but I've never had to increase the dosage except temporarily in very rare situations. The doctor explained there is a big difference between dependency on a medication and addiction to the medication. I guess an addict keeps wanting/needing to take more and more and is after a "high" or whatever instead of just relief from symptoms.

    When I've tried to cut back any more than I have, I have a lot of ear ringing, dizziness, blood pressure increases, spaciness and brain fog. Not good. At my age, 71, whatever works is a blessing! However, if I ever found myself tempted to up the dosage, I'd wean myself off the stuff, even if I were miserable.

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