anti-depressants worth-less 4 me

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    I've been reading all these posts about trazadone and anti-depressants...Dr.'s have been putting me on these for several years and I finally said, "No! For me, the benefits are minimal and the side-effects aren't worth it." Xanax helps me sleep and I don't feel groggy the next day. When I take an anti-D. and I do get cozy w/ my husband...I get "to the cliff and I can't jump off!" (if you know what I mean) It may sound selfish, but I figure there are so few things that really feel good, so I don't want to eliminate that one!
    I'm so happy to find this site...I have over a year of info and venting built up. Also reading other's experience helps me understand some of the whacky things I've been going thru....such as the sweating and freezing. I attributed all of it to perimenopause. Taking FEMhrt has helped a bunch...but I still drive my co-workers crazy with the temp. at work. I'm going to continue reading & posting & replying!
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    Hi, I read you post on antidepressants not being for you. I know what you mean by doctors handing out these drugs like tic tacs. AD's have caused me more problems than I ever thought imaginable, but for some reason, docs just dish them out. I was on Elavil, Zoloft, Paxil, and Wellbutrin. I gained over 100 pounds on these meds, I was a healthy 135 pounds before starting them, after 3 years on them and TELLING my docs over and over, they were causing me to much troble. My self esteem was already down from this DD, but the added weight and menstrual problems caused by the weight nearly drove me nuts. After getting off them, my cycles retured to normal immediately. I had to work very hard taking the weight off, and that's not easy with this condition. I told my new doc that antidepresants will not be a part of my treament anymore, you have to get tough with them sometimes. GOOD LUCK TO YOU. Chelz.
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    i recently stopped paxil. it did noyhing for me. the first 2 weeks on it i was more depressed than ever before in my life. 2 weeks after that i thought i was improving. but for the last 3 weeks it has done nothing for me. i quit cold turkey and have had no side effects so i dont think it was doing anything.

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    Wow! How could I forget the weight gain? That is VERY depressing. Yea, then having FM makes exercise so hard. I've just lost 25 lbs and I have 15 more to go. I read on some message here about carb cravings....that also explained not feeling good and "thinking" that if I ate, I'd feel better.
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    Good to hear you are enjoying the board, and getting some benefit from it.

    I had 20 years built up when I got here, so don't feel bad about your year!

    I have gotten more help from the good people on this board,reading books, doing research, than any doctor I had ever seen in all those years.

    I am now sleeping well, have a whole lot less pain, less allegies, IBS, etc. in the over two years that I have been here. None of those problems could the doctors solve for me.

    By the way, those sweats/cold are a part of Fibro. I drive everyone nuts with the a/c too.

    MOst of the time this house feels like the cooler in a meat market. Can't stand the heat, then after the sweating stops, I am freezing from being wet.

    Its not menopause, I passed that goal a longtime ago.

    That was cute, 'getting to the cliff, and can't jump off' bit! Thanks for the laugh.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    over the 22 years I've had CFS and the few benefits I did get didn't make the dulling and brain stopping effects of them worthwhile. Had lots of other problems as well.

    I'm much better off without them.

    I've been having night sweats, burning up, and chilling for 22 years as well. I'm now officially perimenopausal and didn't even know it, seems I missed the hot flushes and night sweats. Think they're probalbly there but nothing new for me.

    I actually found some alternatives to HRT which seemed to help a bit. Bit of a cocktail really but my GP (PCP) helped me, she'd actually gone on a course on alternatives to HRT run for GPs.



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    I too have been hot and sweating one minute and freezing the next. Now I guess I know why and if someone tries to tell me it's just menopause I know better! I will turn 41 in a couple weeks so I'm not quite ready for menopause yet. :) Although... my last period was very light and a few days late.... hmmmm..... :)

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    I too suffer from hot and cold spells. What is it about FMS that causes this? I'd love to know!!!!

  9. layinglow

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    Hot and cold spells, in CFS and FMS patients are caused by a dysfunctioning in the Autonomic Nervous System.

    One of the functions of the Brain Stem is that it
    Controls sweating, blood pressure, digestion, and temperature (Autonomic Nervous System).

    Recent Studies have shown that the Brain Stem Is Hypometabolic- in CFS patients using Pet Scans.

    Autonomic dysfunction such as abnormal feelings of hot, cold or itch is also seen in CFS/MCS patients. Assuming menopausal symptoms, many doctors will prescribe Estrogen for this but it will often make it worse because it sets off brain injury. Progesterone will make it better.
    Antidepressant Therapy: Good Reason for it's Use and also the use of Neurontin or Klonopin.

    There are current studies linking CFS and FMS to brain dysfunction/injury, which occurred due to trauma, viral, bacterial, and other triggers. Most CFS/FMS patients have not had imaging such as fMRI, PET, or SPECT scans. The research that has been done in studies with these diagnostic tools indicates that there are damaged areas of the brain and brain stem. Many believe that it will be neurologists who will soon be treating these disorders, as more brain mapping continues. If one looks at the long list of symptoms they can all be traced back to the CNS or Central Nervous System.

    There are many specialists who believe it is imperative to be on neurontin or klonopin therapy. This reduces the misfirings and overfiring of neurons which eventually just die if continued to overfire and misfirings . Dr. Chaney is one of the Doctors that states we are in a mini-seizure state. And recommends this therapy.

    "Stress activates seizures and focal brain injury. Sleep deprivation activates focal brain injury. Many believe that immunity is secondary to the brain dysfunction. Corticotropin releasing hormone is controlled by the brain and tells the adrenals what to do.
    Decreasing stress is helpful in decreasing the effects of the illness. His experience is that after treatment for three months of the focal brain injury, the immune mechanism is normalized. Treat the brain, you don't have to treat the immune system. The brain will correct the immune system on its own. CFS symptoms are a manifestation of the brain injury and brain dysfunction. Continued exposure of individuals without appropriate intervention is sure to increase the symptoms and debilitation in the affected person." Dr. Seastruck
    Dr. Seastruck's cornerstone for rehabilitation is neurontin, and also uses klonopin.

    The use of antidepressants is also used in many ways to affect these changes that have taken place in the brain. Other treatments for brain injury include serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), Norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, dopamine (Parlodel) for apathy. Some advocate Dopamine Antagonists.
    A dopamine agonist means that it works like dopamine, fires the dopamine receptor, but it isn't dopamine. Dopamine is one of our very important neurotransmitters and is the one and it is metabolized to Norepinephrine. Dopamine will help with apathy due to brain injury and it will provide an energy boost.

    There are good reasons for using the Anti-depressants and antiseizure meds such as neurontin and klonopin in therapy.
    We do not want further CNS damage.

    There are many AD's to choose from, and side effects can be minimalized with the use of other meds. I am on klonopin--and lexapro. I have had no weight gain, and the only side effect I have is sexual in nature, and I will take that over dying neurons, and more degeneration. My cognitive abilities, and neural symptoms are bad enough as it is, with out allowing further degression. So basically, I just wanted you to know they have a good side too---that doesn't revolve entirely around depression. Although they certainly help there, for many as well.

    BTW Horsegal,
    Alprazolam or Xanax is a Benzodiazepine, as is klonopin.

    It's a Psychoactive-antianxiety agent, also effective for treating anxiety associated with depression.
    So you are prob. doing your CNS some good :)although klonopin is usually preferred due to it's anti-seizure properties.
    Best Wishes, Layinglow

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    I'm in the same boat. Hopefully I won't drown before it's over. I sleep fine, my morning grogginess is non-existant, and I don't think the AD's are doing a lick of good. The weight gain has been the worst for me. I'm a small person and in six months I have gained almost 20 pounds. I'm in the process of "dosing off" my Paxil. At first it wasn't so bad. Now that my body has figured out what is going on, I've been a complete mess. Hopefully by the end of this month things will straighten themselves out. I have discovered one thing from this DD - you must have plenty of patience!

    Good luck. Lisa
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    You have cited Dr. Cheney's opinion that we need Klonopin, but he has also stated that using SSRI's will "fry our brains." He believes the same is true of using stimulants like Ritalin. These drugs will cause the brain's neurons to over fire, not unlike advancing the idle speed in a rough running engine. It will cover up the rough running but will burn out the engine and probably the transmission too. It doesn't make sense to regulate the misfiring of the neurons with a drug like Klonopin only to add an SSRI which will cause the neurons to overfire, yet docs prescribe this combination of meds for us all the time.

    Love, Mikie