anti-inflamatory for fibro/osteoarthritis???

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  1. MyLilSnooks

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    Can anyone suggest a helpful antiflamatory for fibromyalgia and/or osteoarthritis?? I know every body is different, but I am at a loss. My rheum has tried so many, but I need to try something else. Can anyone suggest something that I should mention to him??? Thanks so much....Carol
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    I have osteoarthritis everywhere and have been using Mobic for about a month and noticed a great improvement. It doesn't appear to be hard on the stomach either.
  4. angeljoe

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    My PCP prescribed Mobic for my fibro.. I had taken it before with an elbow injury. I thought it help a lot with my elbow but now I can't really tell any difference with my fibro symptoms. I know that my friend is taking it for arthritis. She was taking naproxen but now is on the Mobic.
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  5. Musica

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    I know people who are Diclofenac. Diclofenac sodium is Voltaren. Try the Arthritis Foundation site - This is the page for the NSAIDS chart:

  6. PVLady

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    I have pretty good results with extra strength Tylenol.
  7. JLH

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    I'm on Ketroprofen (? sp). I think it's the generic for Orudius. But it doesn't do squat for my fibro! In fact, it doesn't help my arthritis either! I go back to my rheumy on 1/13 and I going to ask about something else!
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    I take Lodine 400mg twice a day so does my husband. I take it for arthritis and my husband take it for gout he has the severe gout. Has worked good for years. Rigby
  9. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    I used to take ibuprofen, but I've replaced it w/ proteolytic enzymes. These are protein digesting enzymes that have been proven in double blind studies to work better on post surgical inflammation and speed recovery better than ibuprofen, w/out the risk of damage to the gut for long term users.

    I order mine from this store, they are the best and cheapest I've found, ProEnzyme P.

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  11. MyLilSnooks

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    Yes, Mobic needs time to build up in your body to relieve pain. Is it still on the market? Thought it was pulled with Vioxx and the others. Thanks for your helpful advice, and I will ask my rheum for something new. So much pain with no depressing. Don't know what to do anymore....Carol