Anti-Meltdown Tips From Top Stress Experts

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    Anti-Meltdown Tips From Top Stress Experts
    by Susan Crandell
    Prevention Magazine
    July 2005

    From Christiane Northrup, MD:
    *Take a bath before bed. The water does's very soothing. It just cleanses away stress.
    *Breathe through your nose. It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and helps rest, restore and expand the lower lungs.
    *Remember to say no.

    From Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD:
    *Analyze your emotions. Try to be aware of what's going on in your body. Experience the emotions and try to see if they're worth acting on. Respond mindfully.
    *Plan a wise response. You can flip out, insult the person or get depressed, but whatever happened is already over. Your expectations weren't met: Now what? Allow yourself to face bad situations. Then let go and move on.

    From Linda Richman:
    *Give up. You can win 90% of the time; 10% you can't. When you can't, give up. I figured out that I have no control over anything except how I react.
    *Learn resilience. This isn't easy.
    *Practice laughing.

    From Pamela Peeke, MD:
    *Embrace adversity.
    *Avoid despair. Fight the inclination toward those three bad boys: hopelessness, helplessness and defeat.
    *Guard against distraction. When you're stressed out, you can let your guard down.
    *Make your best effort. Give it your all,but then you have to let go.

    From Alice Domar, PhD:
    *Honor your needs.
    *Keep the routine going.
    *Accept help.

    From Andrew Weil, MD:
    *Learn relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation and yoga.
    *Exercise away anxiety.
    *Whip up a good meal.

    From Barbara De Angelis, PhD:
    *Don't expect to dodge calamity. We baby boomers were taught tht if we did everything perfectly, we would get what we wanted. We expect that if we do A, B, and C, we will get what we want and we're shocked when we don't.
    *When the unexpected hits, get back to basics. You have to remember what really counts in your life.
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    That's the MOST important, I think - remembering what really counts!
    If it doesn't matter in eternity, it probably doesn't matter today or tomorrow either!
    Thanks for this list! LOTS of great suggestions!