Anti-oxidants cause cancer? Worth reading!

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    I thought this group would find this very interesting.
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    and so many come up with their theories. I'm not clear on whether "he" was saying antioxidants cause cancer or people shouldn't bank on antioxidants for prevention...not clear.

    But for me, back in 1995 when I started on Pycnogenol, we were told it "may" prevent cancer and that was good enough for me to hear...17 yrs later, so far so good.

    I have read from cancer hospital research sites on their use of grape seed ex in cancer research, so again other findings.
    City of Hope, Mayo and some others.

    We have a post going on now here on Grape Seed Ex and Cancer and it's from Pro Health's library....

    Lots of theories...I will go with the antioxidants for my health. There are a lot of different cancers too.

    Thinking too on this, James Watson is deeply connected with pharma and perhaps his thinking goes against antioxidants and prevention...

    It can all be so twisted and YES I believe drugs are needed, but prevention foremost so one doesn't need the holistic thinking.[This Message was Edited on 01/09/2013]
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    Do not cause cancer. If you want to cure cancer than antioxidants will get in the way because they protect cells from apoptosis, especially cancer cells which are immortal. Loosely, antioxidants prevent cancer.