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    I would like to know if anyone taking these had tests done to see if it had helped any of the infections?
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    I was tested for Epstein Barr virus (EBV) and Cytomegalo virus (CMV). Both confirmed as Chronic but not Active. Active means contagious and spreading fast. Chronic means imbedded on tissue and in muscle.

    These viruses tend to live on the epithial linings or "skin" of our internal I'm told by my nurse friend who has indeed recovered from EBV.

    I'm finding out that once you have Immune Deficiency, it's OPEN SEASON on your body for other infections. The list could be long. Be a "hand-washing fool". Avoid people who are sick. Close your eyes and don't breathe when someone else sneezes.

    There are some "anti-virals" but you have to know what you're infected with. ProHealth does sell "targeted" Transfer Factors but once again, you have to know what you're infected with.

    There are anti-viral herbs that are broad spectrum. Olive Leaf, Tumeric and garlic are a few.

    Protease enzymes eat away at the protien skin of viruses, Virastop seems to be the most popular:

    Healthy bacteria (ProBiotics) make enzymes in the large intestines make enzymes and this helps in the long run:

    Heavy metals: mercury, lead especially weaken our immune system (dental amalgram fillings, thimersol presevatives in vaccines, mercurichrome, lead paint...). DMSA removes mercury and EDTA removes lead. Removing heavy metals is also Anti-Viral.
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    have long-term or chronic, reactivating infections.

    My doc treated empirically...with transfer factor. I've been on it 3 months.. and have made tremendous progress.

    I will monitor progress by checking on my NK cell activity and C-Reactive Protein numbers.

    The most promising tests I have heard about is the CFS panel offered by Immunosciences.

    I may still have this done. See Lisa Petrison's posts.

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    I noticed in another post you complained of brain fog.

    I had horrible brain fog. Had to resign my writing job because of it (oh and the fatigue).

    At one point, couldn't read a newspaper. Psychologist who evaluated me said I would find it hard to be "productive."

    Well, that was then. Now I'm ripping thru books, and reading newspapers in spanish and english. Still not back at work.. but confident I will be in time.

    What made the difference? Transfer factor, glutathione, and supps (antioxidants).

    See my other posts if you want more details.

    BTW, i'm a viral-onset CFS case. 10 years and counting.

    Sorry to get off-topic.


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