Antibiotic Bactrim helping my fibromyalgia...possible misdiagnosis???

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    Hi there! Two and a half years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, though all of my symptoms had been going on undiagnosed for years before that. Last week I ended up in urgent care due to an infected breast abscess that appeared over night. The doctor prescribed bactrim for the infection, but unexpectedly the bactrim began helping my fibromyalgia pain and symptoms, and I feel about 50 percent better overall since last week (or since years ago actually...) and feeling better each day that I continue taking the bactrim. Strangely though I found out later this passed week that the culture they took from my breast had no signs of bad bacteria in it. I'm guessing that the test they took in urgent care though was pretty basic and didn't test for many of the infectious diseases that this could possibly be. I'm going to ask my doctor about getting tested for lyme and MRSA, does anyone on here have any other ideas of what might be going on here so that I can look into possibly getting tested for that as well? Or has this ever happened to anyone? Thanks! -lisa
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    I discovered after 21 years with a fibromyalgia diagnosis, that I had Lyme Disease, Bartonella and Rocky Mt Spotted Fever.

    It does sound likely that your symptoms are caused by an undiagnosed bacterial infection.

    Lyme, Bartonella, Ehrlichia, and Mycoplasma are some possibilities.

    Please keep in mind that Lyme testing is very unreliable, so do not rule out Lyme by just a negative Lyme test. Your Dr likely will not know that. Most Dr's do not understand chronic Lyme Disease.

    Here is some info about Lyme Disease:
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    I have also just started taking Bactrim DS 2 times a day along with albendazole and ivermectin - for parasites.

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    I think Nanie46 is right. You should test for Lyme etc.

    Many antibiotics have an anti-inflammatory effect and can improve FM symptoms but Bactrim which is two antibiotics which act on the folate enzymes does not have an anti-inflammatory effect in this way. So in all likelihood you do have an infection which may be causing all of your FM symptoms.
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    I believe many with FM are dealing with chronic stealth infections (bacteria, fungi and virus) so that is why an antibiotic could be helping you
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    22 yrs fms. Recently, I took bactrim for 18 mths as it did help with the pain. Reduced my morphine useage by 1/2. I took it along with 2 other antibiotics for some of the time as suspected chronic infection. But the 2 others made no difference to my symptoms. I kept on with the bactrim as it did. A dr. suggested it is a sulfur drug and was probably helping with the inflammation. I'm not on it now as it wiped out my gut flora COMPLETELY even though I was taking probiotics 12 hrs later. And I'm back to the devastating suicidal pain!! So I still don't know if it was the sulfur helping or it was suppressing an infection. Not killing it though because the minute I don't take it I'm back to the usual pain. I have a huge long viral panel but I now know after sending my own tests to the U.S. that not one organ or system is working except my heart so it could be anything causing all this pain including 1875% build up of calcium in my body. That's the problem with fms. We hardly know what we're supposed to be treating.
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    Hi topazs,

    It is likely that you are dealing with one or more chronic infections, plus the array of problems that arise from 22 years of that....believe me, I understand.

    For instance, you may have several tick-borne infections which have, over time, contributed to leaky gut, food sensitivities and autoimmune disorders like Hashimoto's thyroiditis or others. There can be many other complicating factors, such as MTHFR mutations, viruses, heavy metals, parasites, candida, mold, other toxins, etc.

    It would be good if you could get to a Lyme literate MD or a Functional Medicine Dr who will search for the root causes of your symptoms. At least a Dr was open minded enough to let you try those antibiotics for 18 months.

    It is a huge clue though, that you feel so much better on antibiotics....sure sounds like at least one bacterial infection. Lyme disease can hide deep within the tissues and morph into forms that evade the antibiotics. There are many strains of Borrelia, and standard lab tests only look for one strain.

    Have you made diet changes, such as eliminating gluten, sugar, soy, dairy and processed foods in general?

    Since much of our immune system lies in our gut, it is necessary to address gut issues, such as leaky gut and food sensitivities.

    You didn't say how many cultures and strains were in your probiotics. I would increase them for sure. When I started antibiotics I was taking 200 Billion live cultures daily, with 10 different strains of beneficial bacteria. Plus, taking saccharomyces boulardii is important also.

    If you need more info, let me know.

    I hope you find a Dr who can help you.
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    Hi Robotcat,

    One suspected infective agent in Fibromyalgia patients suspected of causing tissue pain is infection of muscle fibers with the Coxsackie Virus. This virus has been found in a high percentage of Fibrmyalgia pateints, please search this online for more information. Google: "Fibromyalgia Coxsackie viral infection".

    Some Antibiotics that were originally developed for fighting bacteria, have also been found to have an antiviral effect on some viruses. This may be why you felt better. Again, reaserch this issue more.
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